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Quick Try Ons At the Store! High Times Pant, Wunder Under Pant & Blooming Pixie Update!

Here's some quick try on photos of the High Times Pant in jacquard black indian ocean. When I touched the fabric, much to my surprise they were textured but really soft.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and usually take a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

The fit was true to size for me. These passed the bend over test with flying colors. Since these are high rise they hit my belly button, but the High Times Pant are one of the few high rise bottoms I actually like. 

Up close detail

I'm wearing my Be Present Jacket (which is old) and I thought the combination of the two looked really good together. I really wish Lululemon would bring back the Be Present Jacket! I love the wide collar and how it pretty much looks great with almost anything.

High Times Pant fit like regular length pants on me, with a little bit of bunching at the ankles but it really isn't bad.  I can live with it.

As much as I did like these, the $98 price tag put me off a bit so I left without them. Maybe they'll hit WMTM. If they do I'm pretty sure I'll snag a pair. 

Next up we have the Wunder Under Pant in Full On Luxtreme. The print is quite similar to the jacquard black indian ocean. Between the two I prefer the jacquard print. 

These are also true to size for me. I'm trying on my usual size 4. Putting these on really makes me realize how much I miss regular rise bottoms. It seems like the high rise trend is taking over 90% of bottoms and it really makes me sad.

These also passed the bend over test for me. But again at $98 I really have to love them and it just didn't pull at my heart strings or my wallet, thankfully. 

I have the pants folded under, and it looks decent and they stay put too.


Since I'm back in NY I got to finally see the print placement on my Wunder Under Crop and High Times Pant in blooming pixie! For those of you who don't know, I sometimes send WMTM items to my parents house in NY to save on tax. Gotta do what you can to save some of those dollars. KWIM? 

I'm really kind of surprised they haven't sold out in the High Times Pant. The Wunder Under Crops sold out really fast. I think they were gone in 2 days or so. 

Back of High Times Pant

The print placement of my High Times Pant is definitely better than the Wunder Under Crop. The front of the WU Crop looks really good, but the back left butt cheek is almost completely white, and much to no ones surprise, they are quite sheer. 

Wunder Under Crop Blooming Pixie

It could have been worse, at least one pair worked out for me. I'm keeping the High Times Pant for sure. I hope to have some better modeling pics when I get back from NY if there's interest. Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Yes would love to see the colors and outfits you come up with for the blooming pixies! I received my 105 singlet in black grape, and it goes great with this print. I also have an alala top in Indigo that looks cute too! Don't you miss lululemon with color lol

    1. Does the black grape 105 singlet you got fit just like the scalloped 105f ones? Is it the same sheerness of fabric? Thanks!!

    2. How do you like your 105 singlet? Yes! I do miss Lululemon with color, it's like a breath of fresh air! The educator I spoke to said they usually do a lot of darks during the winter but will release some colors in spring. We shall see. =T

  2. Shelley-- I only had one scalloped 105 singlet back in the day (which I've since given away). Buuuut, from what I can remember, the new 105 fits a tad looser. It wasn't too sheer (but then again its black grape), but it does seem a bit thinner from what I can recall. @ Petiteimpact, thanks, let's hope we get some more spring colors!

  3. Hi! Have you ever tried the Ivivva Speedy Shorts? I am petite but size 6 lulu. I ordered a size 14 in Ivivva to try- hoping for four way stretch. It was a cloud hero blue print color!

    1. I'm a size 4 in lulu. I tried a size 14 in ivivva speedy's.. unfortunately I didn't like the fit. The thigh opening was too tight for comfort on me. I think the ones I tried were 2 way streth though (moon prism black)

    2. I haven't tried the Ivivva Speedy Shorts but I wonder if they would fit like a 4 in Lulu Speeds. If they do I would consider getting one. I wonder if the liner would be too tight on me? I do like the crystal blue/pink one.

  4. I own three 105 singlets, two with scallop hem and one without. I bought both colors from WMTM. Not only they are paper thin and much inferior in quality. One of them already had a snag! I called the GEC and was "allowed" to return them for a gift card.

    Leslie, like the new look of the blog!

    1. Thanks! I'm still working on it, there are a few kinks.

      A gift card isn't bad, but the way things are looking at Lulu it is getting harder to find something to spend my money on. I guess that's kind of good too.

  5. Love the textured high times 😊 here's to hoping they get to WMTM 😁


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