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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Try Ons! Salutation Capri, Studio Wrap, Tropical Mesh Chaturanga, Jacquard Chaturanga, Athleta Girl Kickin It Joggers

Happy Friday everyone! It's also Chinese New Year weekend for me so I'll be eating up a lot of food tonight and tomorrow. It's a good thing I'm still keeping up with my workouts while in New York. I have to squeeze in my ab workout before my husband arrives from Atlanta. Then tomorrow I doubt I'll have time to get my HIIT workout in, but we'll see. If that's the only workout I miss I'm okay with that.

Since Lululemon has been waning lately I went into Athleta to try on a bunch of items that were catching my eye when I browsed their website.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. For Athleta bottoms I am a size XS or PXS if available. Athleta tops I fit into XXS or PXS.

Unfortunately Athleta does not offer petite sizing in their stores. However, trying on the XS size at least gives me a good idea if I really want the item or not. If I do decide I really want the item, I'll order it online in PXS. These Tropical Mesh Chaturanga Tights feel really nice. They are super soft and comfortable. They remind me of Lululemon's Nulux fabric. These are high rise and hit just a little underneath my belly button.

The length is 7/8 but because of my short inseam they are pretty much full length on me. The calves and ankles are loose but you can't really tell because the print is busy enough that it camouflages the bagginess. I do think the petite sizing might take care of this problem. The side mesh stripe detail gives this a sporty look. 

I found these to be opaque in the bend test but they do stretch to white a little bit. I did not find these to be compressive. Overall I did like these but I'm not sure I would wear them often enough to justify buying them. The price at $89 is a little bit pricey, but I still think worth the money. These are similar to the High Rise Tropical Flow Chaturanga Tight that I own.

I keep hearing how the Powervita fabric is very similar to Lululemon's Nulu fabric so I was very excited to finally see them in person. I found Athleta's Powervita fabric to be a little thicker and more compressive than  the Align's Nulu fabric. The rise on these are definitely high, they cover my belly button completely. 

These are supposed to be capri length but fit more like ankle length on me. I think if I bought these in the petite size it would look more like capris. There a two seams that run up both sides of the legs that meet in a criss cross. 

Perfect fit on the ankles.

Verdict- I liked them but I prefer Lululemon's Align Crops more. I think the Align Crops are more buttery and comfortable to wear. But I think the Powervita fabric will hold up in the long run since I know Nulux tends to pill after a while. The thicker fabric of the Powervita feels less delicate to me.


I think Athleta has really stepped up their game with these Chaturanga Tights. They sit right at my belly button and I think if these were in petite size it would sit just a little bit lower. The fabric is textured and soft. 

The length is too long on me and I have these folded underneath. I think these are very flattering and opaque in the bend test. There is also a hidden pocket in the waist band. 

These also come in navy and I'll be stalking the website for these to come up in my size.  For $79, I think these are definitely worth the money. 

For fun I decided to try Athleta Girls just to see if they would fit. The Kickin' It Jogger looked huge in the size large. The waist and hip looked way to be big for me so I grabbed a medium to try. The waist fit a little snug in the medium. It gave me a slightest bit of a muffin top.  

The length is pretty much perfect on me. It also fit very well from the thighs all the way to the ankles.

In the below picture I pulled up the ankles up a little bit to give it more of a "jogger" look and I thought it looked very flattering. Most joggers I try on are way too baggy for me to pull off the scrunched up look.  

I love that it also has pockets!

For $54, I think these joggers are worth it. I think I would try on the large just to see if I would prefer a slightly more relaxed fit, but I think these really look great if you're petite like me. 

Last thing I tried on is this super soft wrap. I was so surprised to find that this wrap has a magnetic closure at the collar and and at the shoulder. Below photo shows me holding the end of the wrap that has a magnet hidden inside. 

Also has thumb holes.

This photo shows where the second magnet is hidden on the shoulder. 

I can't explain how cool I find this to be. There are four magnets total so you can switch sides if you want to. 

The length of the wrap hits above the knee for me so it isn't too long even on my petite frame. 

The draping has a nice flow.

Also has two oversized pockets!

I can't get over how soft and cozy this wrap is. This wrap comes in five colors and the most popular one seems to be the iron blue heather which is almost sold out completely. For $89 I ended up taking this one home.


If you're new to Athleta you can receive $20 off your first order of $100 with my referral link. (It used to be $15 but Athleta just upped it to $20!) Happy Shopping! 

That's all for me today. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and if you're also celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Hay Fat Choy!


  1. I have the studio wrap and love it too. It's super cozy, and really easy to just throw on. Thanks for sharing your reviews!

    1. What color do you have it in? I'm tempted to get another color, they're so cozy.

  2. Ohh that wrap looks lovely!! It suddenly became almost 80 degrees in Los Angeles, so no more outters for me but they are so tempted!
    Athleta has lost my packages during delivery. There were lots winter SALES gears so i requestes for refund. They also gave me 15% off coupon that can apply with their any other offers too. I'm more likely to get anything made with powervita and I camt wait till i hit the store!

    1. Wow I can't believe they lost your order, but that's awesome they gave you a 15% coupon. Let me know if you end up getting the Powervita leggings. I tried them on and preferred the Aligns.

  3. Happy late New Years! Sadly I started my diet a little early and couldn't celebrate with dim sum this year. Next time I'll learn to plan better. I love the oversized pockets on the wrap, hmmmm....

    1. I don't get to have dim sum all that often but when I get the chance, I can't pass it up!


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