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WMTM- Merry Christmas Update!

I went to bed last night around 1am when I didn't see anything new uploaded.  Woke up to a lot of new items on WMTM, but not a lot that I liked.  Here's my top 5 picks.  My favorite is the WU Hi-Rise herringbone in black grape!  I love it but it's hi-rise.  I'm still tempted though.

Cool Racerbacks $29 (lots of colors uploaded)


  1. I ordered fleecing cold jacket, toque, and flow&go. I really wanted a warm jacket and fleecing cold was only $49, so i pulled a trigger to see. I also tempted to get wup purple herringbone and sleet sprinter since i was looking for a warm leggings. Ah~~~

    1. I only ordered the WUP herringbone in the purple. I hope it isn't that hi-waisted. I'm taking a risk here...


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