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USA / Canada Upload! December 6th 2016

Sorry this is late but tonight the condo I live in had it's annual board meeting.  My husband and I decided to attend it.

Nothing too exciting in tonight's upload.  But that's totally fine with me because Werkshop is going to release it's newest collection sometime this week and I'm absolutely head over heels in love with the new prints that I'm seeing so far on their Instagram!  I'll have to post about that as soon as I get some more details.  So nothing for me tonight, anything for you?

(this is probably my favorite item from tonight's upload)

(I don't need shorts right now, but I do like these)


  1. They have uploaded new trapeze twist tank in pima cotton. It's one of my facorite and very tempted. But I dont feel like wearing them in winter although im in sunny california. I will wait if it hits WMTM.
    I went to the store today and tried restless PO. Every color slightly felt different and the new pattern for this week felt like butter!! I brought grey one home without second thought.
    I like tulle prints too but not in love. I still didn't decide to keep or return the Iridescent HT yet, but im leaning more to return them. I just not in love with this print. I love nulux and i hope they brings it with beautiful solid colors.
    Btw, i recall recommending physique pants. The pocket placement is weird and I couldnt get over it. I ended up returning them.

    1. Oh, I think I tried the Trapeze Tank once but didn't like it because of the high neckline. I may end up returning the HT pant just because of Werkshop releasing some seriously amazing leggings on Friday. I might order two pairs! Eeps! But I agree, I love Nulux which is hard for me to part with the HT pant, I hope they release it in a better print.... I just have to decide by Jan 8th.
      Oh thanks for the heads up on the Physique Pants!


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