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USA / Canada Upload! December 27th 2016

I'm not sure if this is an early upload but, I also want to point out a couple of new bottoms on WMTM that got my attention.  I also decided to finally return my High Times Pant Nulux in Iridescent and I'm probably going to keep the Wunder Under Pant Ombre.  I realized I can roll the waist down.  That solves my hi rise problem.

Items from upload-

If more items are uploaded later tonight, I'll do an update.  My husband and I are going to see Rogue One again in 3D in honor or Carrie Fisher tonight.  
RIP Carrie Fisher.  

One last thing I noticed from an Athleta email I got today.  I am super interested in these tights.

I think these would actually work for me if I get them in Petite XS.  

So Cute!!!


  1. The Athleta leggings are so pretty, but I almost never reach for full length tights. I ordered Gator Green CRB a couple of days ago and Jet Blue CRB today from WMTM - super excited!

    1. I only wear full length tights in the winter, definitely wouldn't in the summer. Nice score on the CRBs!!


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