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Athleta Semi Annual Sale!

Happy Friday!  I just received an email that Athleta is having their semi annual sale.  I really appreciate Athleta's petite section, especially for bottoms.  Here are my top picks.  I placed an order for some bottoms.  Hopefully some of these will work out for me and I'll have a review of them up on my blog soon.

If you're new to Athleta, receive $15 off your first order with my referral link.

(I'm surprised to see this on sale already!  It's one of my favorite purchases this year.)  

(I have fit reviews here and here)

(comes in petite but I wish the inseam was a little shorter for me)

(have this in my cart)

(have this in my cart also)

(I'm willing to give these a try also)

(This reminds me of Lululemon's Radiant Jacket from last year)


  1. All cute chaturangas on sale are sold out in my size. :(
    But i ordered some swimwears and luxe hoodie!! I also ordered wuc pixie bloom this morning. Oh. Im going back to ban island now...

    1. I have 6 pairs coming my way to try on. I also have one pair of tights in girls to try. I've never tried the girls stuff before so I'm curious if I can fit into it. I ordered the XL. I'm also on a ban after this! Yikes.

  2. I love the quest chats! I have a pair of crops in heathered black, 2 pairs of knickers in teal and grape and the tights in navy. They are super soft and comfy. Great for Ashtanga as they dry quickly.

    1. Awesome! I hope some of these work out. I'm not too keen on the high rise, but maybe these will be more comfy.


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