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Sephora VIB Sale!

I always look forward to this once a year.  The 20% off coupon is pretty decent.  For those who don't know VIB status is met when you purchase $350 worth in one calendar year at Sephora.  Rouge status is $1000 a year.  I never come close to that at all.  This year I barely made my VIB status for next year.

Code is 20VIB

My order was fairly big because I needed to spend a little over $100 to keep my VIB status.  And, this only happens once a year.  I've been eyeing the Guerlain Radiance Booster for a while now.  I think I saw it earlier this year and really wanted to try this.  I'm also a big fan of bar soap, which I know a lot of people don't use anymore.  According to some article I read, millennials see bar soap as something that holds a lot of bacteria.  I've been using bar soap all my life and I almost never get sick.          I'm one of the healthiest people I know.  I always say, a little bit of dirt is good for you, haha.  Fresh has some of my favorite soaps, but they are quite expensive, but with the 20% off it's a little easier to stomach.  

I've also been using my Clarisonic daily, since I got it back in may and I'll need replacement brushes soon.  So with the 20% off the twin-pack it was a no brainer to buy.  And last, I saw Tom Ford has some new metallic lipsticks up from the Winter Soleil 2016 collection.  I debated between Creme Conque and Venus Rising for a while.  I ended up choosing Venus Rising because I have a few already that are pale pink like Creme Conque.  Time for something new, amiright?  

Overall, I really don't wear a lot of make up, but I do like to try new things once a year!  I only really splurge on these things around the holidays and my birthday.  I was tempted to buy a new mascara to try, but I think I'll wait for my birthday for that purchase.  If you purchased anything from the sale I would love to know!