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Fit Review! Featherlight Prints Nulux Wunder Under Hi-Rise, High Times Pant

I went to the store today in search of the Featherlight collection.  The Nulux fabric is amazing.  I'm a fan of Nulux.  Going in I had high hopes for these.  I love the idea of feathers as prints.  It can bring texture and depth to a piece of clothing and would make for an interesting outfit.  So let's see how I did.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

First up, Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise in Dazzle Nulux.  I'm not usually a fan of hi-rise but these sit underneath my belly button so they're not really that high waisted.  Thumbs up for me!

The length is too long for my short legs (really what else is new?) so if I bought them they would have to be hemmed, unless I fold the extra fabric under, which I did for the other pair I tried on in plume and it works well enough.

I thought these would have been my favorite of the three, but I'm not too crazy about the print on me. Also the dark seams at the crotch and butt are a pet peeve of mine.  I always seem to forget about that until I try them on and see the photos.  This is why I always take photos now.  It really helps me decide what works for me and what doesn't.

I love how comfortable they are.  The fabric is really smooth and almost slippery to touch.  The inside of these are lined white.  So unfortunately when they stretch it bleeds white.  They are not however see-through.  I was wearing hot pink under things and you could not see pink at all when I did the bend over test.  Just white.  

Next, we have Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise in plume.  I liked these a little bit better in terms of the pattern and print.  

I just didn't find these to be that flattering on me.  From a distance it is hard to see that they are feathers.  The feather detail is a little bit lost.  I think that's what kept me from liking them as much as I should have.

The fit is the same.  I think these might be been slightly more high waisted than the Dazzle print.  The fabric on these also didn't feel as luxurious as the Dazzle version.  The Dazzle version feels just slightly more buttery to the touch.  

 The dark seams aren't as noticeable on this pair, but it's still there.  I wish they used dark gray seams instead of the black.  It kind of ruins it for me.  Here, I have the extra fabric folded underneath and it kind of works well.  It's an alternative to getting them hemmed.  The inside is also lined with white and stretches white.  They are not see-through.

Last pair I tried on is the High Times Pant in iridescent.  These are almost sold out online.  These are really not iridescent at all.  The description is misleading.  You see hints of green and blue and gold but not what I would call iridescent.  

Honestly they remind me of fish scales more than feathers.  They actually really look a lot like sea bass scales.  

Am I Right?!

One thing I did notice is these stretch to white the most.  Almost to the point where I wouldn't buy these because of how apparent it is.  The below photo shows it really clearly on the waistband near the seams and this is my usual size 4.  

One other thing about the fit of these, the butt seams seamed to be tighter than usual compared to the Wunder Under Hi-Rises.  It was a little bit uncomfortable.  I wonder if that is why this pair bleeds white near the waist band?  It could be.  I didn't try on any others to compare.  

Overall, my favorite in terms of fit and feel is the Dazzle Nulux WU.  My favorite print/pattern is the plume version even though the feathers details are lost from a distance.  My least favorite of all three are the High Times Pant.  In the end I walked out with nothing.  Would love to hear what you think!  Which one is your favorite?  Least favorite?


  1. I actually like dazzle print on you!! I saw them on the store but I didnt have much time to try them on so i passed. (Also i knew your review will be up online!!) iridescent multi is underwhelming too. My HT is coming so I will give it a try when it comes here.
    I ordered HT brush and Speed v brush and they both came. Speed is still too long on me so it's going back. I got regular HT instead of brush one so i need to exchange it. :(
    I need long and warm pair of new black leggings!! Living in sunny Cali turn me into Anti-cold chihuahua.

    1. Well it's okay I'm eyeing a few things from tonight's upload and I want to order the Define Jacket now that it's on WMTM. BTW did you end up ordering Werkshop or Alo Yoga? As for warm black leggings.... I have old WU and High Times from last year that are herringbone and those are pretty warm. So far they have not released any this year in herringbone. I wish they did!

    2. I ended up ordering alo butterflies. My little guilty heart picked one that's little cheaper than the other. Lol

    3. haha I wore mine yesterday actually. One thing worth noting, is that everything sticks to them!

  2. Hey Yoginitiff, have you tried the brushed inspire tights? I love the inspire tights so am thinking of getting the brushed version in black.
    I am also not too taken with the new prints, although I did order a fringe fighter in the iridescent plume for Christmas :) On another note, I ordered the teeny tooth fuchsia black WUC (as I love the define so much) and they are LUSH! They aren't slimming, but opaque and super cozy. I also got the WUC in jet set blue and they are Made in Canada :) The colour is more of a teal in person. Both both pairs on WMTM.

    1. I wouldn't have minded the teeny tooth WUC but they're already sold out on the US side. =(


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