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Store Try Ons! Define Jacket, Conduit Short, Wunder Short 5", Love Tee SS Crew, Wild and Free Tight, Align Pant, Align Crop

I went to the store today to see what's new.  There's a pretty new Define Jacket in darkest magenta.  If I didn't have 2 new ones from last month I might have bought this one.  I expect we'll see this one uploaded tonight.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

Define Jacket in Darkest Magenta Size 4

I am wearing my normal size 4 in Define Jackets.  This year I feel the sizing is slightly more forgiving in the waist area.  It's not as tight as some of my older Defines.  

The Love Tee has never worked on my petite frame because of the low V neck.  However I've been curious about the Love Tee SS Crew and finally got to try it on today in darkest magenta and emperor blue.  The emperor blue was on finale sale at the store for $49.  

In this case I sized down in this tee and it was comfortable.  It is made of very soft pima cotton.  It is on the thin side but since it's just a t-shirt, I consider it fine.  But since I'm super petite I didn't like how the front hem was so low it reminds me of a bib.  

I did not have an issue with the sleeves being too tight.  I thought they felt comfortable.  I did notice that because the fabric is on the thin side, it does seem to hug my body in weird places.  Sizing up may help with that issue, but then it would look overall too baggy.  

The store also had the darkest magenta color which is a really pretty purple and everyone knows I looooooove the color purple.  If it wasn't for the low hem I probably would have purchased this.

See what I mean about hugging in weird places?

This photo made me think it would look better if I knotted the shirt

Next up I tried on the Conduit Shorts in black.  These looked so tiny on the rack, I decided to size up to a 6 and I'm glad I did!  My normal size 4 would have definitely been too tight.

 These are definitely pretty short even on me.  It passed the bend over test.   I will say it made my bum look pretty good, but I passed on these mainly because I found them to be too short.

Next I tried on the Wunder Short 5" because they were on sale for $34.  I tried these on in a size 6.  I actually did like these a lot, but thought they were maybe just a tad too long.  I must sound like Goldilocks today.  I think if I got these hemmed to 3 inches they would be perfect.  

I really liked how soft these were.  I'm thinking maybe I should have picked these up and gotten them hemmed.  And I do think the Love Tee SS looks good with it tied in the front into a knot.

Bum looks great.

Sorry for the blurry shot, but if I got them hemmed to about that length, I would have been super happy with these.  Hmmmm.... I'll have to ask next time I go if it's doable.  I don't see why it wouldn't be.  

I grabbed the Wild and Free Tight to try on since they're new and I love the color.  Darkest magenta is my new favorite color.  These looked super small on the hanger but they stretch a lot.  They are true to size for me.

Wild and Free Tight in Darkest Magenta Size 4

The side has a lot of mesh.  It's kind of hard to see since the photo is dark.  They are full length tights on me with a little bit of bunching at the ankles but not too bad.  

The waist hits exactly below my belly button.  This is definitely very fitted throughout.  Compression wise- it felt about medium weight to me.  

I have to say, most Lulu bottoms make my bum look pretty good.  I think I liked these even with the mesh sides, but I probably wouldn't pay full price though.  $118 is pretty steep.  I think I would get these on mark down if they were about $79.  

Yes, more darkest magenta.  This time in the Align Pant.  I have one other Align Pant in bordeaux drama and love them.  I expect to see these in tonight's upload.

Align Pant in Darkest Magenta Size 4

Fit is true to size for me and are nicely opaque.  They passed the bend test for me.  

While I did really love this, I decided to get them in the crop version since I have these in bordeaux drama.  

Align Crop in Darkest Magenta Size 4

These came home with me!  I tried on so many items and felt pretty bad sending them all back except for one.  The fit is perfect and soooooo comfortable.  Color is amazing.  I prefer my bottoms to be on the darker side.  

No baggy ankles!  Always a plus!

Bum looks good.  Check!

Are you guys excited for tonight's upload?  


  1. I tried new military green last week and didnt fall in love with them. Without knowing they are releasing darkest magenta in align crop, i just purchased a pair of leggings from Athleta today. Im so bummed now. Let's dig for a money tree together.

    1. I would shop at Athleta more often, but they don't have a store at the mall I go to. I should have went today when I went to a different mall, but I totally forgot! But yeah, I keep wishing for a money tree, or to win the lotto!


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