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Fit Review! Terez 3D NYC Legging & Crystal Skull Legging

Fall is always terrible on my bank account.  Ever since I saw these Crystal Skull Leggings by Terez I became obsessed with them.  Now that Shopbop is having a major event sale I couldn't say no.  These retail at $78 which is already kind of wallet friendly.  With the 25% off discount I was able to get these for $58.50 plus tax!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and normally wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

I wasn't sure what size to get but after some research I decided on the XS.  The waist band is thick and it does pinch in a little bit but it's not uncomfortable.  These are medium rise and sit right below my belly button.   These do not have much compression, I consider them to be on the low end.  

The inside of these leggings are white, so while I wouldn't say they are sheer when I did the bend over  test, they do stretch to white in spots.  This doesn't bother me since I won't be using these to workout in.  I might use these to go running, but most likely I'll be using these as casual wear.

The name of these leggings has the word crystal in them, but there aren't any actual crystals on these.  It's just a print made to look like crystals.  Still pretty cool though in my opinion.  I admit I was a little bit worried the skull placement would be too low on my legs, but I think they're fine.  If you're taller they would sit higher up your legs and would look better.  On the model the chin on the skull ends a little below the knee and mine hits much lower closer to my shin.  I still think overall it looks good.  

I absolutely love the ripped look.  There's another version that does not have the rips on them and I definitely think it adds to the character of these leggings.  I can't wait to wear these out, especially since Halloween is right around the corner!  

Since moving to Atlanta, once in a while I do miss NYC.  Mostly how I can walk everywhere and how I can walk out of my parent's house and run on the sidewalk to a park.  Here in Atlanta, there are no sidewalks and driving is a must.  I've been Ubering when my husband can't drive me to places I need to go.  For the most part it's been fine.  So of course when I saw the 3D NYC Leggings they called out to me.  Another thing that's nice about Terez is they are made in the USA.  

I didn't think I was going to like these, but turns out I absolutely love them.  The first thing I noticed is the thick wide waistband.  I've never had another pair of leggings with such a sturdy waist.  It literally keeps everything in with no muffin top at all.   It's like four times as thick as a normal waistband.  It's also nice that it's about 3 inches wide.  These are mid rise which I prefer.  They sit right under my belly button.   

I also got these in size XS.  I'm a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.  If you're smaller than a size 4, these right be too big.  If these were any bigger they would be loose on me.  These are low to mid compression.  The fabric is very smooth it reminds me of Luxtreme fabric.  

These are similar to the Crystal Skull leggings where the inside is white.  So while they are not see-through, the fabric stretches to white.  I've already worn these out and they're sooooo comfortable.  

The length is long on me as expected with minimal bunching at the ankles.  There's a little bit of bunching around my knees too, but doesn't bother me.  I think these look great with my Nike sneakers.  With the 25% off, I got these for $61.50 plus tax!  Makes them even sweeter.

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