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Fit Review! Florence Speed Wunder Tight Nulux!

When I first got them in my hands, I thought the fabric felt different from the marbled mix version.  If I remember correctly, the marble mix felt more soft and a bit of a texture to it, sort of spongy?  Can anyone verify that for me?  The florence version is smooth, no texture at all and reminds me very much of Werkshop leggings but without the compression.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in bottoms.

Here I'm wearing my normal size 4.  They feel like second skin, very comfortable at the waist.  It hits just below my belly button and no muffin top.  The waist band is very wide at about 3 inches.  As you can see the length is very very long on me. 

The lace print is intricate and detailed.   Lululemon released a video describing the work that went into this print.  All the leaves and honeycomb were hand drawn and then graphically placed so every pair looks exactly the same no matter what size.

Close up of the print.

That's Nero's Tail =D

There's a large zippered pocket at the back of the waist to store your keys, cards, cash.  The one question everyone is wondering, did these pass the bend test?  The answer is yes with flying colors.  I tried super bright underwear and even used a flash light just to be sure.  They are 100% opaque.  I wonder if the see-through ones were just a bad batch?  

One of my pet peeves are dark crotch seams.  I am really not a fan, but I think the dark seam is a better choice than a white seam, if those were the two choices.  What do you think of the dark seams?  

Scrunched up ankles.

 One thing I've been playing around with is folding the extra fabric under, instead of hemming them.  I think I may be able to get away with that.  I just worry if I kept these and got them hemmed, I wouldn't be able to sell them as easily down the line if I needed to.  These are $128+tax so I paid roughly $138 for them.  These would be the most expensive pair of leggings I ever bought if I kept them.


I decided to play around and came up with some outfits if I were to wear these out casually.  Here I am wearing my AllSaints moto jacket in oxblood for a little bit of leather and lace.

 This last outfit I threw my heathered bark berry Scuba on.  I should have switched to sneakers, but I forgot.  

What do you think?  Should I keep them?  I can't decide.  I'm leaning towards keeping them, but the dark seams, price and the length are keeping me from 100% loving them.  On the other hand, the comfort, detail in print and the leg lengthening look makes me want to keep it.

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  1. I like the design of the dottie tribe WUP better than these. I feel like this print is a little widening on the thighs, which is crazy bc you have super skinny legs. I would have tree trunks in these leggings!

    1. I did love the dottie tribe WUP but if I remember they only came in hi-rise and I really dislike hi-rise on me, they totally cover my belly button and it just feels weird. But I feel like these aren't as thigh widening as the marble mix. I tried those on and from the side they really made my thighs look huge!

  2. They look nice on you! Although they would have to be perfect for me to justify the price. That black seam in the front would bother me. They could have used a gray thread. Ot- did you order the werkshop crane print? Have you received them yet? If so, i'd love to see a review :)

    1. True about gray! That probably would worked a lot better. I did send back the Geisha leggings last week, so hopefully they will ship out my Crane pair soon. I hope to have a review of those up sometime next week. I hope I really love those.

  3. Omg!!! These are so cute on you!!! Only down side is the dark seam but i dont think it's a big deal. I really want one now!!! Definitely a keeper!!


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