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Fit Review! Athleta Colorblock Powerlift Tight, Down To Town Sweatshirt + Banana Republic Melton Trench

Yesterday I went to the mall to visit Athleta.  I did go into Lululemon but didn't see anything that I wanted to try on.  They did have the new Shibori items but they remind me too much of tie dye and I'm not really a fan.  Maybe I'll change my mind if they release other colors.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.  XXS/XS in Athleta.

I've been eyeing this Down to Town Sweatshirt jacket from Athleta for a while.  I wanted to see which color I preferred in person and if I was a XXS or XS, sometimes I'm in-between the two in Athleta.

This jacket is very slim cut.  It was fine for me throughout the body.  When zipped up it was just a smidge tight in the armpit area for me.  Not quite enough for me to size up unless I wanted to wear sweaters underneath.  A little trivia about me, I only wear t-shirts even in the winter.  I own maybe 3 long sleeve shirts and no sweaters at all.  I have maybe one pullover in my closet.  The rest are all zip up hoodies and jackets.  

The minute I put this on I was in love.  This is so comfy and so cozy and light weight.  I didn't however love it in gray, I wanted it in black but the store didn't have my size.  I went home and promptly put my order in online.  The side is very fitted and covers my bum.  I think it looks super cute.  

I also tried it on in the XS just to see.  From the front it looks exactly the same and it's very comfortable to wear.  And for those who are wondering, the tights are K-Deer children's size large. 

But from the side it looks a little too big and too long in the back.  The hem flares out a little bit.  So for me, I went with the XXS.  Oh and on the plus side?  This is also 800 fill down and for the price of $148.  So yes it's super warm!  For those of you who are new to Athleta, if you use my referral link you can receive $15 off your purchase of $100 or more.  

Next up I tried on the Colorblock Powerlift Tight.  The moment I touched these, I wanted to love them.  The fabric is thick and very warm.  It sort of feels like a sponge when you pick them up, really kind of cool to touch.  

These are very thick and super soft.  However, they are also super tight throughout the waist and hip. They weren't very comfortable, but I should also point out I do not like compression.  So for those who prefer it, these would be perfect.  

This sits right at my belly button.  The length is too long but they also come in petite sizing.  I'm tempted to try these out in the petite size small for a more casual fit because I really do like them. These also come in a navy.  There is a side pocket that is large enough to fit your phone.  I will say that Athleta needs better lighting in their fitting rooms!

After Athleta I wandered into Banana Republic.  I don't usually shop here for myself anymore since I no longer have an office job, but this wool trench coat is totally cute.

It's always difficult for me to find clothing that fits me well, and I was pretty surprised at how nice this looks.  I think I may have been able to fit into the P00 as well, but the store was out of stock.  The  color is a pretty camel, perfect for fall.  The pop up collar is fairly sturdy.  I do like the added belt to cinch at the waist.  The wool is semi-soft.  I didn't find it to be itchy, but quality wise I wouldn't say it's top notch, but since it's on sale I would say it's worth the price.  I definitely wouldn't pay full price for this.  It's currently on sale for $136.80 and if you're a BR card member you get an additional 10% off.  This also comes in black.

Last but not least I'm currently lusting after this Coach bag.  Look at that yummy pebbled leather and suede lining!

I'm absolutely drooling over this bag.  

I also really like this smaller boxy version of the bag.  This version shouldn't be as heavy since it's smaller.  

Also comes in this Dark Denim teal color

 Where is my money trreeeeeee?!


  1. Nice review!! Thanks! That jacket looks really nice on you. You're getting toned up and looks very good. :) keep it up!! I like the coach bag too. Coach and gucci got really nice bags recently.

    1. Thank you! Still have ways to go but I just finished the first round of BBG. (12 week program) I haven't looked at Gucci in a long time. The Coach is definitely calling out to me though!

    2. I just looked at Gucci and now I want a GG Marmont bag in nude lol. I need to hit the lotto.


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