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Fit Review Friday! Sculpt It Crop, Wunder Under Crop, Define Jacket, High Times Pant

I'm in Boston writing up this post.  I took the photos before I left in case you're wondering!  See I had some stuff planned while I'm away.  Hope everyone is having a great Friday so far!

As you all know I love the dusty mauve color so I had to see these Wunder Under Crops for myself in person.  The store near me doesn't always get everything I'm interested in which is always a bummer. I'm more inclined now to order online since Lululemon offers free returns.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

As you can tell from the photos they are true to size.  I'm not a huge fan of luon, it just doesn't feel soft to me.  These actually felt pretty stiff which is why I returned them.  

Color wise, I love the soft purple pink, but it is kind of light and you can see the panty lines pretty clearly.  It's a reason why I usually stick to dark colored bottoms.  Or at least a busy pattern that camouflages panty lines.  

Also as you can see from the photos I have the baggy ankle problem.  If I did keep these I would definitely have to get them hemmed.  

Next up are the Sculpt It Crops.  I actually really love the fit of these.  They're almost perfect if you're super petite like I am.  

The fabric is super smooth and feels silky.  These are made of full on luxtreme fabric.  I definitely prefer luxtreme over luon.  The length is perfect on my short frame.  I would be hard pressed to find a more perfect pair of crops to be honest.  

The fit of these is fantastic!  Super fitted throughout and they even fit my calves!  No baggy ankle syndrome here.  I was super tempted to keep these.  I returned them because I already spent so much money last month.  But so far this month I'm doing great.  I'm still thinking about getting them.  I am secretly hoping they will hit WMTM.  

I like the detailing on the sides.  It adds a little bit of breathability and flare to the crops.  I know a lot of people are tired of bureaux drama but I'm not.  I love this color for fall.  

While I returned these they are definitely on my wish list.  If I'm still good with my spending by the end of this month I might order them again lol.  

Close up of detailing.

Last month I've bought a couple of new Define Jackets.  The dusty mauve is one of my favorites and I also added diamond jacquard berry rumble jeweled magenta to my collection.  So I was super curious about the luon sprayed jacquard Define.  It's one of those jackets you just have to try on in person to see for yourself and you'll probably either love it or hate it.

I think it's actually pretty cute to be honest.  It's a very casual look and easy to wear.  Throw it over shorts, a pair of jeans or your favorite leggings and you're good to go.  


 This is my usual size 4 in Define Jackets.  Fit is as expected.  I also think it's very figure flattering with the contrast of the black lines accentuating the figure very nicely.

I was this close to taking the tags off.  But again I'm waiting for WMTM since the price of these are pretty high.  $118 plus tax!  Sigh.  Where is my money tree? 

Lastly I also ordered the High Times Pant in teeny tooth.  It looks like they already sold out of these online.  I can't seem to find it on the website.  

I love the houndstooth look so I ordered these to try.  While I love the fit of High Times Pants, I sent these back as well.  These days I am super picky about what I keep and it has to be love at first sight.  

As you can see the ankles are loose on me but since these fall lower to my feet, it's more acceptable.  It doesn't look as bad as the Wunder Under Crops.  

The major issue I had with these is the contrasting seams.  I really dislike the dark seams at the crotch and bum. Why Lulu, WHY?!  

So to console myself I sent these back and ordered the Wunder Under Crop in teeny tooth deep fuchsia but I have a feeling I'll be unhappy with the ankle flares with those.  But we'll see.  If I really love those I will get them hemmed.  Unless they release it in the High Times Pant, then I would just get those.  

That's all for today!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  Now I'm off to do my workout at the hotel...  I've got a 30 minute session of full body and then 40 minutes of cardio.  Eeps!


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  2. Wow those scuplt crops fit you perfectly! The flaring at the calves would drive me nuts

    1. Thanks! The flaring really does drive me nuts. If I love it I get them hemmed. But if I don't I leave it behind.

  3. Thanks for the reviews 😊 shame about the dusty mauve crops...but you've saved me from ordering them 😊 is the define textured? Love the Bordeaux crops! You can never have too much Bordeaux 😉

    1. I knooooow, I love that color so much it pains me! The Define is not textured. It's just printed on to look like it is textured. Pretty cool though. The best one was definitely the crops. They're definitely on my list.


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