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Fit Review Friday! Fast As Light Singlet, Goal Crusher Crop, Rush Hour 21" Crop

Dropped by the store to see if they had any Nulux items for me to try on, but sadly they didn't.  I'm also heading to NYC to visit my family which is good because while I'm there I can save on tax!  I'm really itching to get the Florence Speed Shorts after seeing the new modeling photos.  I may get those while I'm in New York.

First up I tried on the Fast As Light Singlet.  I really liked how light weight the fabric felt.  It is very soft and silky feeling.  The neckline is a bit high, but it didn't bother me.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

I tried this on in my usual size 4 and the fit is pretty much perfect.  The length was fine on my short frame.  I really like the length of this tank and how it skims over my body.  

The only reason I didn't buy this tank is because I do not have a bra to wear this with.  I only have Free To Be Wild bras and Free To Be bras in my collection.  I would have to find a completely different bra to wear with this tank.  I did try on the Trinity Bra as a suggestion from the very nice educator but they're for B/C cups and just didn't work on me.  

The back of the tank covers most of my bum but not all which is fine.  I think the back looks really good.  I'm actually quite sad I left this behind.  It's a really nice tank.  It also comes in three other colors.  I also like it in the bordeaux drama and emperor blue.

Next up I tried on the Goal Crusher Crop.  It's super high waisted on me, so that I didn't like.  It completely cover my belly button.  

Goal Crusher Crop Black Size 4
(For some reason I cannot find these online, are they sold out?)

This is true to size for me.  My usual size 4 fit perfect.  The length of these hit just above my ankles.  And surprisingly enough they were semi fitted.  Normally the leg opening would be too baggy around my ankles or calves but this was not the case.  They were still a little loose but it wasn't horrible.  I felt like if I wanted to I could get away with wearing these.

Still not crazy about the mesh on the sides.  While pulling these up my legs I made sure I was very careful not to snag the mesh with my nails.  If I was in a rush and not paying attention,  I can totally see the mesh panels being ripped to shreds.  

These passed the bend over test for me.  Although I was wearing dark underwear, so it could have been hard to tell but I thought they were fine.  

Finally I tried on the Rush Hour 21" Crop.  I grabbed these because of the color and totally didn't realize these were the ones with the huge mesh panels in the back!  Ack!

These are also high rise, but at least they sit right under my belly button, which I'm fine with.   I did love the color.  I think if these didn't have the mesh panels I would be a lot more tempted by them.

It's so unfortunate that the back of the legs are so hideous.  The mesh also made my legs somewhat itchy.  The fabric is luxtreme but seems to be on the thin side because you can totally see the outline of my underwear, no problem at all.  It also does not hide cellulite.  I have a dimple right underneath my butt you can see it on the left leg in the bottom photo.  

Ankles are also baggy.  I think you could probably hem these, as long as it isn't going above the mesh panels.  But these are a definite no for me.  

That's all for me!  Hope you all have a great weekend!