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Did anyone snag a pair of Wunder Under Fullux for $89 today?

I'm just curious if anyone managed to get a pair and got a shipping confirmation. I definitely saw them on WMTM from my phone and took a screen shot because I just couldn't believe my eyes. 

Of course my regular size 4 was sold out. I was tempted to try the 6 but they also started to disappear fast. 

I'm also on the road again so this post may look weird. I'm using the Blogger app. 

Anyone get lucky?


  1. Ahhhhhh.....
    What time do they upload? I always got online so lately. Lol. Thanks for info tho. :)

    1. Usually anywhere between 10am-12pm eastern time. So probably pretty early for you if you're on the west cost.

    2. Ah... i will just choose more sleep over that then. Lol

    3. Haha yeah, it hasn't been too exciting lately !

  2. I got them! Still not sure how I managed to snag that deal, but not complaining! :) Haven't tried them on yet, but they're beautiful in person and they have totally replaced any craving I might have had for the Florence print ones.


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