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Australian Upload! September 5th 2016

Seems like a late upload for Australia today.  The Essential Tank is becoming a favorite of mine, but I need to show some self control and not buy up every color!  Here are two new ones for Australia.

(Not really a fan of this print?  Zebra anyone?)

(not crazy about this print on a bigger canvas)

(this on the other hand I think is super cute, might need this!)

(even on a smaller canvas I'm not really a fan)


  1. I didnt like the marble print but i wonder how nulux feels on my skin. I saw a fit review of this on lulumum and that modeling pics sold me those leggings. Well, they wont loom the same on me tho!! Lol i need a pair of good running crops. I still run in speed shorts but it's getting chilly now. What do you think it's the best for running??

    1. I'm very curious about the nulux as well. I hope to get a review of those up myself. As for running tights I only have one pair from lulu. I don't think they even make them anymore. But I've run in Werkshop leggings and those work well for me. Have you ever considered those? I've been eyeing the Sculpt it Crop but I am not sure how those are for running though.


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