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USA / Canada Upload! August 30th 2016

Lots of stuff today.  I'm curious about a few items uploaded tonight, so I might place an order since I went to the store today and did try on some stuff, but they didn't have everything.  Did you guys order anything?

(I love this color, I just wish this tank looked better on me.)

(I tried this bra on today and it gave me a bit of back fat with all the straps!) 

(this I actually really like and added it to my cart)

(Bras like this make me wish I have bigger boobs!)

(I really love this color)

(I haven't seen this in stores yet but while I like the color I don't know if I would spend $68 on this)

(nice color, but seems a little plain)

(this one I think you either love it or hate it.  I'm curious enough that I may want to order just so I can see this in person)

(I think this one in particular really emphasizes the hourglass shape) 

(I saw this in the store today and it doesn't look anything special)

(I tried this on today, it didn't work for me.  I'll have pics up tomorrow) 

(Tried this on today also, the material is super thick and cottony soft.  I wish it looked better on me!  Pics up tomorrow.)

(I may need to order these to try on because I can never seem to find one in the store)

(If these come out in Speed Shorts I might have to get them)

(these are pretty!)

(saw this at the store today, I love it but it's soooooo big!)

And for Canada-

(this is pretty but it may be too light and wash me out)

(LOOOOOVING this!  Jealous Canada got it and US didn't)


  1. Nice uploads in awhile. Im excited to visit store this week!! Im hoping they have many news at the store!! I also am looking foward to check your store visit review tomorrow!!!

    1. Let me know what you think of the new power luxtreme spray jacquard.

  2. I'm curious to see if the spray jacquard is textured?

    1. It kinda is? I don't remember it being overly textured though. I definitely preferred the maze jacquard between the two.


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