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USA / Canada Upload! August 2nd 2016

HUGE upload today!  Of course once the Swiftly price increase is in effect, they release two awesome colors for fall.  Did I really not see that coming?  I missed out on the Swiftly tank in blue sapphire last year but it looks like they're releasing it again.  But the $10 increase!  Ouch.  Maybe I'll find one on mark down.  I also really like the new greyvy color for the Align Crops.  The new Speed Short print is cute too.  Still mulling things over on my end.  Did you guys get anything?

Swiftly Racerback in Black Blue Sapphire (mine once I find one on mark down lol).

(this is really calling to me.  Debating if I get these, do I return the deep indigo pair?)

(I really like these too, I love purple, it's a weakness of mine).

(Who comes up with these names?!)

(I really do like this print in small doses)

(Lovely color)

Over in Canada they mainly got the same upload as US- I actually couldn't tell if any of those Scubas looked new even though it was on the main page.  


  1. I got the blue sapphire LS Swiftly when they first released it. It is beautiful. I didn't get anything. Not really interested and also not happy with the price increases.

    1. I actually have the short sleeve but I want the tank now. I might sell my SS one. Thinking about it. But I agree, not happy with the price increases... I guess I will have to be extra picky about what I buy! I don't have that much disposable income anymore.

  2. Olympic gear is online. I bought the red/black short sleeve Swiftly. Couldn't resist but I might return it if I'm not 100% in love with it.

    1. Oooooh, I would have liked the red/black scoop swiftly too but I think it's only available for Canada, am I right?


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