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Fit Review! Alala Captain Crop Tight in Black & Bone!

Since I placed a pretty large order with Lululemon this week, I won't be going to the store to try things on for Fit Review Friday.  I'm expecting the order to come in tomorrow so I'll have reviews for you up next week.  So today, I have for you a review on Captain Crop Tights by Alala.

I've always been curious about Alala tights but was always hesitant for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, they're on the expensive side.  More expensive than Lululemon for sure.  Second, I've never seen these in person and it's always scary ordering online because I'm never sure about sizes and being super petite I hate being disappointed with how things fit.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and always a size 4 in Lululemon Wunder Unders.

When I did a search on these tights I saw Revolve has a sale on the Black & Bone versions for $69! Original price is $105.  They only have XS available so I decided to take the chance and ordered them since they have free shipping and free returns.  Always a plus in my book!

As for fit, the waist has a wide band and fits snug but not too tight.  It's definitely fitted throughout the hips and thighs, but when it hits my knees, it's slightly loose so you see some wrinkles there.  That's always expected in my case because the bottom half of my legs are on the thin side.  

There is one back pocket near the waist with a zipper.  I thought the seams where the mesh are would hit my legs at a weird place, but it's actually fine and I don't notice the seams at all.  So these crops are super comfortable.  

The fabric itself is very smooth and silky.  The material is on the thin side which will keep me cool during my workouts.  I plan on doing some running in these and some HIIT workouts.  

The length is also fine.  It's a little bit loose around my calves, but not a deal breaker for me.  I feel it is only a little bit noticeable.  As for the bend over test, these are not 100% opaque.  You can definitely see color underneath the black when I'm squatting.  So best to wear black undies or nude if you're doing any kind of squatting in public.  

One major con with these crops is how quickly lint, dust, pet hair will stick to the fabric.  As you can see in the photo above.  However since the fabric is very sleek and silky, it quickly wipes off with a brush of your hand which I did and you can see the results below.  

I do love that there's a gold plate stitched on the back of the crops with the Alala logo.  It gives off a luxury touch.  Verdict?  I'm keeping these.  I look forward to buying more Alala crops in the future!  I've got my eye on the White Shadow print.