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USA / Canada Upload! July 19th 2016

A lot of mesh going on!  This week the only thing that's really tempting me are the Sun Runner Crops but the two that I've tried on so far have both been sheer.  So I'll wait until I can get to the store on Thursday to see if it's still the case.  Anything for you guys this week?

Goal Crusher Jacket in White (this is seriously see-through)

Goal Crusher 7/8 Tight in Harbor Blue (loving this color though)

(I love these but will wait for regular rise)

Sun Runner Crop in Paint Storm Espresso (what are the chances these are also see-through?) 

For Canada for the most part the same but they did receive a new pair of Speed Shorts.


  1. If you happen to see the goal crusher in harbor blue could you review those please? I am on the fence for them. I'm short at 5' 1" and do not want a big gape of fabric at the ankle.

    1. Gotcha. I'm heading to the store tomorrow so will definitely report back if I see those in person!

  2. Otherwise bought nothing this week since I got the pretty dotty Tribe wunder unders last week. I love them!


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