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Fit Review Friday! Intensi-Tee, What The Sport Tee, Sun Runner Crop, Speed Track Short!

Yay for Friday!  Yesterday I went to the store to see what new items they had in stock.  I tried on the Intensi-Tee to see how it compared to What The Sport Tee.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and normally a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

First off, the Intensi-Tee is longer and the cut is slimmer than What The Sport Tee.  I can usually take a size 2 in What The Sport Tee, but for the Intensi-Tee I went up a size.  I want to point out that I have a super short torso, and the top is way too long on me.  It's an easy pass if you're petite.

The material is really thin so it does show lumps and bumps since it's also slim fit.  I definitely prefer What The Sport Tee.  

As you can see this top is way too long on me.  The back of the shirt has nice detailing, but overall this just isn't flattering.

Next up, I tried on What The Sport Tee but I grabbed the wrong size.  I normally take this in a size 2 since the fit is looser, but here I'm trying on the size 4 and it actually isn't too bad.  

You can see the shoulders and arms fit nicely, but the body is much looser and shorter.  I actually need to go back and try this on in a size 2.  I may need to get this top.  I really like that it's a light colored shirt for summer.

I also like that the top has a nice drape to it, and it isn't too low cut.  I normally have a problem with a lot of tops and tanks because of how low cut they are on me.  For example the Love Tee.  I could never wear that because it would reveal half my torso.  Ridiculous!

I saw the Speed Track Shorts are on mark down so I decided to give it another try.  They are now $44 instead of $58.  I said if they ever went on sale I would consider them.  I tried on my usual size 4 in these.

I liked how these fit.  They pretty much fit perfectly.  I liked how they looked in the front and from the side.  They are super slim and tight, but not too compressive.  

However, I passed on these because I didn't like how they made the back of my legs look.  They make my legs look cut off and short and I don't need to look shorter than I already am!

Not too flattering from the back.

Finally, I tried on the Sun Runner Crop.  I tried these on before in Tidal Trip Boom Juice but passed because they were see-through.  I was hoping the new print in Dusk Dye would be better.  

I love the fit and the low waist.  It's also completely fitted through my calves which is super rare.  I normally have a hard time with crops since they hit too low on me and just flare out and it's not like I can hem most of them because then I lose the details.  For example, these I could never hem because of the mesh panels.  

Mesh panel details.  Super cute!

These are supposed to end right below the knee, but they're more like 7/8 length on me.  My inseam is only 26 inches or so.   These are probably around 19 inches long.  

I really think these look great on petite bodies.  The fabric is super smooth since they are made of Full On Luxtreme.   

I really like how the waist is right under my belly button.  Waist is really comfortable.  

They also have a side pocket, although I would never use it.  

The verdict?  I LOVE THEM.  BUT they are just as see-through as the other pair.  When I did the bend test, they stretched out white.  I was wearing light colored underwear so you couldn't really see the color but who wants to see a bleached white butt when bending over?  No one!  The inside lining of the pants are white.  They so need to get that fixed!  I am hoping they will come out with another print or pattern that I will love without this problem.  

That's all for today!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  


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