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Fit Review Friday! Beat The Heat Long Sleeve, Beat The Heat Short Sleeve, Beat The Heat Short, Define Jacket, Speed Track Short! Sweaty Betty Navasana Legging 3/4

Hope everyone is super excited to have a long weekend!  I stopped by Lululemon yesterday to try on some new goodies.  I have to say I really like the new Beat The Heat line.  First up I tried on the Beat The Heat SS.  What I really love is the back mesh panel.  I get hot pretty easily, especially my back so this is actually perfect for me.  I already wore it yesterday and love it so much I am debating on getting the other two colors.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear a size 4 in most tops and bottoms.

The back is mesh.  

The line between Seriously Light Luon and mesh panel is distinctive.

The fit is loose.  It's not fitted for those who prefer tight tops, which I do not.  This is also true to size.  Take your regular size in this.  It hit right at my hips which is perfect.  The mesh panel in black isn't very noticeable when compared to the tiger space dye white version which I tried on next.  

I actually should have also tried on the heathered pipe dream blue, but here is the tiger space dye white version.  The fabric feels slightly thicker than the heathered black.

Beat The Heat SS Silver in Tiger Space Dye Size 4

The back mesh panel is more noticeably see-through than the black mesh panel.  If you're wearing a super colorful bra it will definitely stand out.  

I actually really like how this outfit looks.  I'm wearing the In Flux Crop pictured in black.

Next I tried on Beat The Heat Long Sleeve.  This would have worked if I was taller.  But because I'm so short and petite, the length really did not work on me at all.  When the back of the shirt is tied up in a knot, there is too much material in all the folds.  From the front, the top looks fine.  You can really notice the extra material bagging out from the side photo.  I tried on a size 4 in this also.

The back looks a bit baggy here at the bottom.

Totally not liking how the it looks from the side here.

 Untied, the top is too long for my short frame.  If I wore it like that I think the side panels would eventually get in the way and annoy me.

It also looks really baggy in this photo.

I did like the thumbhole feature.

Again, I did like this but I just think it would have fit better if I was taller.  I have a very short torso.  Next I tried on the Speed Track Shorts.  I tried on my usual size 4.  These are true to size.

They fit perfectly on me.  These are very fitted and tight and slightly compressive.  

They actually make my bum look pretty good here.  However, they are ever so slightly see-through when I did the squat test.  If these ever hit WMTM I would consider getting a pair.  I think they're a bit expensive at $58.  

Next I tried on Beat The Heat Shorts.  These are also a size 4.  The waistband is elastic and they have some stretch to it, but a size 2 would have been too tight, so I would say these are true to size.

From the front, they look and fit fine.  But from the side, they are slightly too baggy.  The fabric also wrinkles very easily.

From the back however, they made me look like I was wearing a diaper.  Way too droopy!  So if you have a full butt these may work better for you.  Had to pass.

The length of these reminded me of Speed Shorts.  Maybe just slightly shorter in the back.

Lastly, the new Define Jacket in harbor blue is just as amazing in person as it looks online.  I tried on my usual size 4.

The blue is super bright and saturated.  The pictures here really do not do this justice.  For some reason the lighting is very yellow and warm in these photos so the color is a bit washed out.  

The photo below is probably the closest to the color in real life, but still not as saturated and bright.

One last thing, I ordered a pair of Sweaty Betty Navasana Leggings from their huge sale.  I got them in this morning.  First I should say I was going to order the size XS and size small but by the time I checked out the XS was sold out.  I decided to order the size small anyway since I've never tried on Sweaty Betty before.  The small is way too big.  It's going back, which is sad because I really love how the fabric feels.  It's not like anything Lululemon has that I can compare it to.  It's medium thickness but buttery soft to touch.  It has a bit of stretch to it also.  I really wish it fit!  It's high rise and covers my belly button, which I'm not really a huge fan of high rise but I would have made this an exception.  The ankles totally bagged out on me but it may have been more fitted if I had gotten the XS.  

Sweaty Betty Nevasana Leggings 3/4 Reversible

These are also reversible to black.  As of now every size is sold out online.  These were only $62!  Shipping is $5 I believe but it's free returns.  I would say size down in these if you are unsure of your size.  I'm hoping someone will return one in XS.  

That's all for today, hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!


  1. Nice review thanks!! Im so sad to hear about the Beat the heat LS. I will try SS since i love their SS tops. I just ordered 2 of swim tops today from WMTM. I hope they work. :)

    1. Very nice! I am really liking the Free To Be Bra in H20. Hope the swim tops work out for you!


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