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USA / Canada Upload! June 28th 2016

Sometimes it is hard to tell what's new these days.  They seem to bury new colors under the old ones. I always try my best though!  This week a couple of things caught my eye and I'll definitely get to the store sometime this week for some fit reviews.  There are definitely a lot of new tops this week it seems.

It looks like they are keeping the black Swiftly around as a staple.  I may have to get one already!

I'm digging the back view

Back view

This is going to fly off the shelves.  Color is amazing!

Canada got a few interesting pieces to note.  

These sort of fit very slouchy.  I kind of like it!  

I may have to try this version, I'm loving the Fireside Red 

Back view

Anything for you guys today?  I'm debating on the super cute socks and the black Swiftly and the Define Jacket.