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USA / Canada Upload! June 14th 2016

Lots of new bras this week.  Also the new high waisted Speed Shorts debut today.  I don't think I'm a fan of these...  I tend to not like high waisted for shorts.  I may be able to tolerate them in leggings, but shorts?  I'm skeptical.  I'm heading to the city tomorrow and will most likely pass by a store so I'll stop in and take a look to try some new items on if they have.  Will report back!

Power Y Tank in Heathered Neon Pink

Beat The Heat Bra in Tidal Trip Boom Juice

Hot Spell Bra in Space Dye Camo Seal Gray

Scuba Hoodie in Nami Wave

Take Ten Hoodie in Rosewood (kinda interested in this!)

Inspire Tight in Boom Juice

Wunder Under Pant in Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship

Flow & Go Crop in Bali Breeze

Pace Rival Crop in Nami Wave

Run Times Short in Tofino Teal Alberta Lake

Speed Short Mesh in Bali Breeze

Speed Short High Waisted in Nami Wave

Speed Short High Waisted in Tital Trip Pipe Dream Blue

Free To Be Bra in Pipe Dream Blue

Free To Be Wild Bra in Mini Pop Cut Boom Juice

Speed Short in Tidal Trip Pipe Dream Blue

Canada got a couple of nice things I'd want if it ever hits the US side.

Yogi Everyday LS in Hyper Stripe Alberta Lake Tofino Teal

Scuba Hoodie in Heathered Space Dye Gris


  1. I went to the store at a new mall today and saw most of new items there. Nothing really catchy. Speed shorts in tidal blue print was cute but was not screaming at me.

    1. I agree, I went today to take a look, while I did like some items, the prices made me think twice about buying. I may reconsider if they go on WMTM...

  2. The Yogi Everyday LS in Hyper Stripe Alberta Lake Tofino Tea is available in the US too! :D

    1. Oh nice! I must have missed that. Didn't see these at the store today when i went though. =(


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