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Review! Clarisonic Mia 2 Garden Party Special Edition

Years ago when Clarisonic became a big thing I was always curious but never pulled the trigger because of the cost.  I was probably in my mid 20s when I first heard about it.  I asked around what my friends thought and many were skeptical.  One said their skin was too sensitive and thought they would break out if they used it.  Another said they thought the brush was too harsh and would dry out their skin.  Now that I'm in my mid 30s another friend said they bought one and loved it and said their skin felt cleaner for it.

I decided to see if I could find one for under $150.  There's quite a few different versions out there now.  The Mia 1 is only $99 at Nordstrom, which is fairly inexpensive if you just want to give it a try.  It also comes with a cleanser.

I also had my eye on the Mia Fit because I liked that it comes with a base that you can place it in so it stands up right.  The Mia 1 and Mia 2 do not have a base and it just lies on its side.

Notice the base on the Mia Fit

Mia 1 & Mia 2 both lie on the side since it does not have a stand.

I discussed this with my husband and he pointed out that the Mia Fit does not have a handle and that wouldn't give you as much control while using it.  The other one gives you more range of motion because of the handle.  I don't know about you guys but I thought that was a great observation.  The Mia Fit is also $189 which is out of my price range anyway.

I decided on the Mia 2 Garden Party Edition because it comes with a cleanser, 2 brush heads and a travel case.  I found it at Sephora for $149.   It was within my price range and it came with extras that in my mind made it a pretty good deal.  

I bought mine back in April so I've been using it for almost 3 months.  Now they say you should replace the brush head every 3 months or so.  I may do that very soon with the complimentary Radiance brush head.

Here are a few pictures of the one I have.

Comes with an extra brush head and peel wash.

There is a cover for the brush with holes in it for ventilation.

There are two speeds.

Charger that attaches to the bottom of the Clarisonic

Cover for the brush.

This is the brush that comes installed.  It is the Sensitive Brush.

Travel Case.

Travel case fits perfectly.

I tend to use it while I'm in the shower.  The perfect time to use it is when you're waiting for hair conditioner to soak in.  First thing I do is wet the brush head and your face with water.  Then I put a dab of the cleanser on the brush head.  About the size of a dime, you can do less if you want to.  The Clarisonic has 2 speeds.  I have tried both speeds and honestly I really can't tell the difference between the two.  Fast and Faster?  It's all the same to me.  I usually stick to the first speed.  Now the Clarisonic is also on a timer.  The first 20 seconds the instructions say to use it on your chin and nose.  It will vibrate in your hand when the 20 seconds are up and then you're supposed to focus on your forehead.  Then it vibrates again after 20 seconds and you should now focus on one side of your cheek for 10 seconds and then the other side for the remaining 10 seconds.  The whole thing goes by super fast.  After the 1 minute is up the Clarisonic turns off by itself.  

The next step is to rinse your face and the brush head.  I usually wait to rinse the brush head after my shower is over.  

Results?  I definitely think my skin is cleaner and smoother.  I think my foundation/bb cream looks more flawless when applied.  It also feels really nice to have my face massaged in the shower.  It's actually kind of soothing to me.  

Let me know if you guys like this post.  I was thinking of writing a post on my make up must haves next.  


Now that I've been using this for 4 months, I went back to visit my family in NYC in September and my mom asked me if I had done anything new for my face because it looked cleaner and brighter since June (which was when I saw her last.)  I told her it must be the Clarisonic.  I use it almost religiously everyday during my shower and it must be working!  Her noticing has made me extremely happy.  For someone who is 35 years old and never had a facial in my life I'll take the compliment.  


  1. Great post 😊 I used to use a face brush but hadn't thought of this. Do you think it's better than a 3 step system? Cleanse tone moisturizing? Or do you still tone?

    1. I've never found a toner that I liked, so I skip that and just moisturize. But if you do use toner I don't see why not? If you have a toner that you like please let me know which one it is!

    2. I'm a Clinique girl 😉

    3. I took a look at the different ones they have. I can't decide if I'm 1 or 2. They're both sort of similar.

  2. why it is cheaper than buying the Mia2 alone? Garden party is 149 and Mia2 alone is 169. Do they have very big difference on performing?

    1. Actually if you want the Mia2 alone I found it at Macy's for $99. Here's the link


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