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Fit Review Friday! Swiftly Racerback, Speed Shorts, High Times Pant & Anthropologie Surprise!

The Lululemon near me really needs to get more product in.  I was hoping to try on Run With The Sun Crop but none in my size.   They still do not have any of the new Define Jackets from the last few weeks.  Hash tag Firstworldproblems!

So instead I tried on the new Speed Short in pop cut fatigue and the Swiftly Racerback in heathered desert olive.  The tank totally washed me out.  I thought it was too plain looking on me.  I took my usual size 4 in both pieces.

Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Desert Olive and Speed Short in Pop Cut Fatigue 

I liked the Speed Short a little more but not enough to pick it up either.  I want something that totally screams "OMG you have to BUY THIS!"

I've also been eying the High Times Pant in space dye camo seal grey.  I have a pair in heathered bordeaux that I constantly wear all the time.  I was hoping I would feel the same about this pair, but I just can't get over how the crotch seam is so apparent.  I don't mean to draw attention to my crotch, but that line just says camel toe.  I also took my usual size 4.

High Times Pant in Space Dye Camo Seal Gray

That crotch seam just sticks out too much...

So easy pass for me today.  I can scratch off a few pieces off my list.  I did however add something on my list that I didn't expect to like.  The Lotus Scarf is sooooooo super soft.  Price isn't bad for $48 either, but considering it is 90+ degrees in Atlanta, I have no more use for scarves anytime soon.  If this ever hits WMTM I will grab it then.

Lotus Scarf in Staggered Jag Jacquard 

Since I left Lululemon empty handed I decided to go to Anthropologie to see if I could try on some dresses.  Our first wedding anniversary is coming up next week and my husband made dinner reservations but he hasn't told me where.  I asked if this is something I need to dress up for and he said, "No shorts, probably have to wear at least jeans."  I'm thinking jeans for guys?  Can I get away with Lululemon?  He's probably sick of me wearing athleisurewear all the time now, and I haven't worn any "real" clothes in a while.  

I totally dislike wearing jeans now, so uncomfortable.  I wore my jean shorts when we went to NOLA and that wasn't bad.  But if I'm going to wear a dress it has to be comfortable.  Now comes the real challenge, with me being super short, most dresses make me look like I'm a little girl playing dress up with my mom's clothes.  Not in a cute way either.  I really should get a tailor, but I hate paying even more money for expensive clothes.  So my solution?  Look for tunics or super long tops that I can wear as a mini dress!  

Yes this is pretty short, but I think I'll wear my Boogie Shorts underneath it so it's not as risqué if I flash someone by accident.  Luckily my legs are also my best features so I can get away with it too.  The cut isn't very figure flattering but the soft material makes up for that in my opinion.  It was very comfortable on and I think it looks good on me in a very Coachella kind of way.  I can't believe this is considered a tank, and not even a tunic!  LOL.  Price is kinda steep for a tank- $78.  But to wear it as a dress?  Total STEAL!  

I think I'll wear some sandals?  I wonder if I could get away with wearing Converse looking Uggs.... heh heh.  

Just for kicks and giggles I grabbed this kimono to try on.  You can totally tell by my face how hysterical I felt putting this on.  But actually the material is so soft I wanted to wear it around the house like a robe.

From the back it is super pretty.  And the length isn't too long.  I think I could get away with it.  But the price is steep at $118.  Maybe I'll go back for it!

Shop the Lia Tank and the Violeta Kimono.

Anthropologie has tons of other kimonos here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. I went to Lululemon Avalon and Anthropologie today too! :P Which Lululemon do you usually go to? You're right, the heathered desert olive Swiftly looks really pretty on some people but didn't work on me. Plus I wanted more of a dark green pop to it. I ended up getting the raspberry blooming pixie speed short on markdown for $34. The "tank"/dress looks totally cute on you!! Happy early anniversary and can't wait to see the food!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I've heard a lot of people refer to the Lenox Lululemon as the "flagship" one in Atlanta and that they have more stock/new things. Driving here is totally scary! Yep, we live about 10 mins from Avalon. We go downtown every weekend to eat though and always love to eat with new people (who love food too). :)

    3. Do you drive a lot? I would be too scared to... =T Would love to be introduced to some new places to eat! We've been to Bar Taco, Pure, some good Vietnamese places (the names escape me. I'm heading to NYC for a week soon, but after I come back we should meet up? Plus I LOVE your dog!!! =)

    4. I drive to/from work and around our area. Hubby drives us downtown because I'm scared to drive downtown. xD Ohh good food choices!! Love Bar Taco and Pure. Have a wonderful time in NYC and we're eating every weekend, so we'll definitely plan something! I know I stalked you on Instagram already, but are you on Facebook too? This should work for my profile:

  2. I like the tunic/dress on you. It looks good as a dress! I also thought the speed shorts look good too. I tried the pop fatigue Define in the store and it just looked too busy so it was an easy pass.

    1. Good to know about the pop fatigue Define. I wanted to try the space dye alberta lake one. I have a feeling it might wash me out as well, but it just looks so cool.

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