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Fit Review Friday! Resolution Wrap, Coast Wrap, Take Ten Hoodie!

Yesterday I managed to go to the flagship store on 17th and 5th.  First thing I spotted was the new Run All Day Backpack in neon pink.  Super cute.  I have to remind myself that I already have one and do not need another.

Hoodies and wraps to try on.

For this week's session I grabbed cozy looking sweaters and wraps to try.  First up the Resolution Wrap.  I grabbed it because of how soft it felt in my hands and the deep purple color works well with my skin tone.

Resolution Wrap in Heathered Deep Zinfandel Size 4

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.  For sweaters and hoodies I can sometimes get away with a size 2, but for the Resolution Wrap the store only had the 4 in stock.  I might have been able to get away with a 2 but I have no issues with the size 4.  It felt very cozy, comfortable and luxurious.  I was THIS close to buying this.  I'm sitting on it since it's still available online.

The length is a little long on my petite frame, but I think I could still make it work.  It would be a nice fall transitional piece.  

The drape is super lovely.  It looks so soft and huggable doesn't it?  The front hits my knees and the back of the wrap definitely covers the bum.  It's not as long in the back as it is in the front.

It has a giant pocket.  This pocket falls kind of low for me.  It's a little awkward trying to get into a pocket that's down by your knees.  So for that reason I don't think I would ever use the pocket.  Maybe to hold some tissues or something.

Thumbholes are nice.  This picture also serves to show off my nails.  =)

Overall, I loved this piece.  It screamed buy.  But I'm trying to be good.  Let's see how long that lasts...

Next up I tried on the Coast Wrap in heathered alberta lake.  I also grabbed this in the size 4.  

First thing I noticed is the fabric is not as soft as the original version of this.  The cut is also different. It looks almost very straight and does not flatter the body at all.  It just makes me look stiff when it's buttoned up.  I would never wear it like this if I bought it.  

It looks much better unbuttoned, but still not flattering.  I really think it's the fabric.  The drape does not work in this version.

The side view kinda looks cute.  Almost like a swing coat.  If it weren't for the color, I don't think I would be interested in this at all.  For $128- I say pass.  Maybe if it comes up on WMTM with a decent mark down, at $78 or so!

Next up I tried on the Take Ten Hoodie.  The only reason I grabbed this to try is again, the color!  I don't think there's anything very special about this hoodie.  If I saw this being sold at say Target, I probably wouldn't even look twice.

That said I tried this on in both size 4 and size 2.  The 4 definitely fit more comfortably.  If I picked this up, I would get the 4.  The color reminds me a little too much like the Little Red Riding Hood.  The fabric is similar to the Coast Wrap.  Not that soft.  The weight is light to medium.  It's not as thick as the Scuba Hoodies.  

Size 4

I would say it's an average looking hoodie.  Just kind of plain I think.  I did however really like the fit.  For a petite person, this hoodie works really well.  The back seam does not hit too low on my body.  

Here you can see the fit is more slim and form fitting.  However the shoulders were ever so slightly tight.  Nothing that would really bother me, but noticeable at first.

Size 2

 Overall, I think if it were to end up on WMTM for $78, I might reconsider.  But that Resolution Wrap is really calling out my name!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Happy Friday!!!


  1. I went to the store again to complain my Align pants. It unraveled again after the fix. They offered me to exchange to another one but they didnt have my size 4 in stock. I got the Align crop instead. (Anyways i needed to hem them if i got them in full length). My daughter was nagging so much so i had to be hurry. I wore them to my TRX class today and relize the fabric is thinner than the original version. Much flimsier. I also see some different color shades and already have some pillings on front thigh. Argh~~~~~~~~ my $40 Gap leggings never had these problem. So bummer

    1. Oh that's so annoying. Sorry to hear the new crops are even flimsier! Maybe you can return those for something else? Totally unacceptable for the price.

  2. I love my resolution wrap,) First I got a black one. It is a heavier fabric, and that's why it looks and feels so good. Then I bought the deepZ. But be aware, this wrap is pilling a lot, especially on the inner side, where the pockets are. It is very prominent, when I wear black luon pants, and a lot of pilling will stay attached to them in the thigh area. It's not an issue with the black version, maybe because black cannot be seen on a black,) Or maybe the black version is not pilling?

    1. Oh interesting. Good to know about the pilling. Thanks so much for that. Maybe I'll see if I can wait until WMTM. I wonder if you took it back to Lulu if they would do anything for you?


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