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Pics of Our Atlanta Home!

Not sure if any of you guys are into home decorating/ interior design.  I always had visions of things I would buy when I got my own place.  Then reality kicked in when we bought our place and we realized we need to hit the lotto in order to redecorate and have everything the way we want it to be.  We would love to have the kitchen redone, but we need about $20K.  The windows all need to be replaced, and we would love to redo the bathrooms too.  But for now, we're pretty happy with what we've done so far.

My husband and I have very different tastes, so I knew it was going to be interesting to how our home would look.  He likes the modern look with clean lines.  I prefer softer kind of feel but not overly girly.  In the end I think we both compromised.

Here's a glimpse into our new home.

Luckily for me, I was allowed to decorate the bedroom as I please.  I had new carpet put in as the old one was pretty stained from this fake fireplace the original owner's had.  The bed frame is old West Elm that my husband bought years ago (before we were even together).  The night stands I picked out from Target.  Got them on sale too!  The lamp on the right is old Anthropologie from many years ago that I fell in love with because it has an owl at the base.  I LOVE owls.  The lamp on the left is from World Market.  The bedding is from Anthropologie.  

We both got matching dressers.  This one is his, mine is on the other side of the room.  I custom designed these from IKEA believe it or not.  It is from their Besta line and it was also on sale a few weeks ago.  For two of these, I think the total was less than $400.  Not bad for someone on a budget.  I put in two Anthropologie handles that aren't shown on that pic.  It came later.

I don't know why but hardware is super expensive.  These handle pulls were $18 each, but they add a nice personal touch to our IKEA dressers.  I personally don't think it looks too IKEA overall.  I know you guys must be dying to see the walk in closet!  

My walk in closet!!!

Living in NY, I never had a big closet.  My mom had one but mine is WAY nicer than hers!  Moving to Atlanta definitely has its perks.  Space is never an issue here.

My Lululemon collection.  Well some of it.

This is all mine!

Hoodies and jackets on the bottom and my regular clothes on top.

My pride and joy corner

My husband is lucky he gets the space behind the closet door lol.

Basically I took up 80 percent of the closet for all my stuff.  Husband gets two racks and the drawers on the right side that I cut off in this picture.  All of his hoodies are hung up on top.  Black and gray much?  And his running clothes are on the bottom.  

This is our living room.  This is where we both had to compromise, but it's not like we even had an argument over anything.  The couch is old IKEA.  I picked out the gray rug from Target.  The ottoman I also picked out from Overstock.  The lamps he picked out.  One is from Target the other is from Crate and Barrel.  The entertainment unit is also customized from IKEA that we both agreed on.

The blinds need to be replaced but as the windows are so large they will need to be custom made as well.  It will have to wait.

The side tables are also from IKEA.  Overall, we're pretty happy with this.  We didn't spend too much money on the new stuff.  Next up is the loft area.  That's his man cave.  I get the second bedroom, but that won't be done for another few months.  One room at a time.  



  1. Very nice! Love the closet! Mine is 1/10th the size of yours. My closet is really becoming a problem.

    1. When I lived in NY, my closet was overflowing! I had my best friend come over, and she helped me get rid of a ton of stuff. I gave her 4 huge bags of clothes, and then I also ebayed a lot of stuff. So now what you see is probably half of what I had.

  2. Yes! I have a hard time purging clothes. I sometimes have to wait until I am ready to let something go.


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