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Lululemon Warehouse Sale!

Just want to say to the person who stopped me to say "Hi!" and asked if I was the person behind this blog, thanks for doing that!  So much fun to meet real people and to put faces to names.

So the warehouse sale was a total success. As in I was successful in spending way too much money. 

I'm updating this post from my phone so I won't be able to make this too detailed. 

First off I got there at 8:15am which was a bit later than I had hoped. When I went to the Boston one I got there around 7am. 

Let me just say this warehouse sale was SO MUCH better than the Boston one I went to back in November?  Or was it October?  Anyway tons more sizes and selections. Stuff I actually really wanted. 

Oops I went off on a tangent, like I was saying I got there at 8:15 and didn't get in until 10am!  Here is the line when I first walked in. 

Then after we turned around the other side of the escalator I was greeted with this-

Then we went through a snake line-

Scary huh?  

So here are the prices. They also had ivviva stuff but I didn't want to tempt myself even further so I stuck with the women's. 

One thing I really regret not buying was a Warrior weekend bag. For $49?!!  They flew off the shelves. They had the black and blue print. If I was at my laptop I would google it for you guys. Just trust me I was so jealous for everyone who snagged one. 

So this is my loot. And yep once again they cut off all the tags. Oh there were fitting rooms, but I didn't bother. I figure if it doesn't fit me, it may fit my sister. Or if anything I will eBay it if I really have to. 

I'm already enjoying the hat and vinyasa scarf!  For some reason it's raining and kinda chilly in Atlanta today!

And yes I'm taking this on the floor of the office building my husband works at. His co-workers know we are going to New Orleans, so I've already gotten some weird questions like "Why are you packing here?" I'm like "Erhm, Ahhh it's just stuff that I have."  Yeah how do you explain this kind of crazy?  Lol. 

Anyhow that's my loot!  I managed to get out of there by noon and boy was I starving. Went to Starbucks only to find out that are out of all the breakfast sandwiches so I settled for a chocolate croissant. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!  Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Hi from the weird person who stopped you to say hi! :) It was a pleasure to meet you! Wow that line got long. I got there at 7:10am, almost made it into the first wave in, but only waited an extra 10 mins before being let in too. I got a CRB in a color I've been watching on eBay (so SCORE!), 2 x 105f singlets, speed shorts, and a gratitude wrap! I was looking for more speed shorts and energy/ftbw bras, but didn't find any in the sizes I wanted. Still super happy though. Love all your goodies, really scored with the fluffy jackets and vests!
    My stuff:

    1. Hi there!! Wow I guess people started lining up exactly at 7am. I can't believe you found Speed Shorts! I was looking for those too. It seems like I got a lot of winter gear but I couldn't pass up such good prices. I should have grabbed more ftbw bras too. They went fast!

  2. Hi! I was there too. I was there crazy early (to avoid ATL traffic. I live in Athens). Was there at 6:20 and was like #120 in line. Was in the first wave. Cool finds! Is it bad I'm already thinking about the stuff I put back :( I spent way too much! And I went in the fitting room. Some women weren't wearing bras. OMG. I wasn't expecting that.

    1. Haha I feel the same way. Wish I had gotten a couple of Scubas. I didn't bother with the dressing rooms it must have been crazy! In Boston they didn't have any dressing rooms so people were changing everywhere but there were no flashy bits to be seen haha.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh nice loots!!! I wish i was there too!!

  4. Too bad it's too hot now for me to wear any of the winter gear!

  5. Wow! Nice haul! Thanks for sharing! I secured some of the same pieces (like the Bordeaux vest, the down jacket, the headband) at full price cuz they were selling out
    like mad a year or two you gotta great deal...sweet:o) and they are winter staples for me to this great choices! As for the define, I love that midnight iris print...still one of my favorites...subtle floral print and precious! Tell us about NOLA!:O)p.s. love your home & the d├ęcor!

    1. I just got back from NOLA, and still have not tried on my goodies yet from the sale. I'm totally beat tonight so will do so tomorrow.... But after tonight's upload I'm totally regretting some of the purchases LOL! Especially since I can't wear them for another 5 months! HAHA. NOLA post coming up tomorrow as well.
      Such a great trip! Sad it was so short though.


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