Werkshop Under The Sea Chapter 3 Launch!

April 16, 2016

I totally forgot to mention the Chapter 3 launch for Under The Sea.  I'm a big fan of the Purple Scale leggings.  It's really too bad they only come in full length and not crops.

They also come in teal but I think the purple grabs me more because of the pink, purple and blue scales mesh together really nicely.

They also have Sea Turtles and Shark leggings.  These come in full length and cropped.

Which one are your favorites?  You can also check out their entire Under the Sea Collection here.

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  1. I love the purple scale leggings! Could you please link the website where I can buy these? I tried looking it up but can't find the site. Is the brand Chapter 3? Thank you

    1. Hi Merrly! I'm sorry I totally should have linked it for you. I'll update the post. But in the meantime here you go!



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