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USA / Canada Upload! April 26th 2016

This week I'm eyeing the new Define Jacket and the Yogi everyday tank in heathered black.  I'm sold on that entire outfit!  Did you guys order anything?

Principle Tank in Hero Blue

Power Y Tank in Space Dye Alberta Lake

Physically Fit Rank in Stripe Deep Zinfandel (I want to try this one)

True Self Tank in Blurry Belle

Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Black (I love this entire outfit)

True Self Bra in Lilac Wave Twist Caspian Blue

Sunset Savasana Pullover II in Heathered Lilac (very pretty)

Scuba Hoodie in Kayak Blue 

Define Jacket Exhale in Red Grape (I may order this to try)

Resolution Wrap in Heathered White

Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise Foil Manifesto White Nimbus

True Self Crop in Blurry Belle

Canada got- 

Vinyasa Scarf in Wee Stripe Lilac Deep Zinfandel (This looks super pretty, I'm a sucker for purple)

Free To Be Wild Bra in Deep Zinfandel

And the UK got a new Scuba.  Unsure if I like it or not?  

Scuba Hoodie in Hyper Stripe Deep Zinfandel 

What do you guys think of this weeks upload?  Get anything?


  1. I like the spade dye alberta lake. I want to try it out when it comes in other item. I went back to store today and tried size up on yogi everyday tank and loved it. :) i brought her home with me. I got in blk/wht space dye color. (Forgot the name of the color)

    1. The space dye alberta lake is super pretty. Hopefully they'll make Speed Shorts out of them or something! I went back to the store yesterday and tried on a few more things. I'll have to post. =)


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