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USA / Canada Upload! April 19th 2016

Lots of goodies today!  I want to order the High Times Pant in Blurry Belle and I'm really interested in the Studio Crop and Yogi Everyday Tank.  I'm just unsure as to what size to order for those.  So I may wait until I get to a store.  Did you guys order anything?

Cool Racerback Luxtreme in Cadet Blue

Cool Racerback Exhale in Hero Blue

Bliss Break Tank in Rosewood

Yogi Everyday Tank in Fireside Red Flash Light

Harmony Hoodie in Heathered Light Gray

High Times Pant in Blurry Belle (mine!)

Align Pant in Lakeside Blue Samba Snake

Pure Practice Pant in Deep Zinfandel

Align Pant II in Black (curious if people prefer the original version of these)

Time To Shine Tight in Rio Nights

Studio Crop II in Hero Blue

Align Crop in Rosewood

Drop It Low Short in Pretty Prism Multi

Free To Be Wild Bra in Blurry Belle

Canada got a couple of things we didn't get.

Define Jacket in Samba Snake Black

Run Times Short in Deep Zinfandel Pretty Prism


  1. Ahhhhhhh~~~~ htp in bb and crb exhale screams me to buy them!!!!
    I also want to buy energy bra h2o with speed shorts h2o. But im broke this month.
    I will just visit store tomorrow and will decide on new items...

    As i tried on Align crop, i dont really feel any different feelings compare to the original align pants. They both really feet compfy and naked. Perfect length with $10 less!!! I wonder if i need to get these in navy blue (educator told me they are on the way now) or the htp in bb.

    1. Haha, there you go! If it screams at you, go for it. That's what I always say. Luckily I managed to sell some of my old Lulu on eBay so I have a little bit of spending money but not much either.... I hope to go to the store this weekend.

      Oh nice, I am totally waiting for the navy blue in the Align crops. Those will be mine!

    2. I went to the local store today, but they didnt have either crb exhale nor htp in bb. Bummer.
      i tried the yogi everyday tank. I liked everything but not a fan of pleating on the racerback. It looked like some hump on my back.

    3. i'm debating if i should put in an order. They offer free returns now on everything except the final sales. Oh that's too bad about the yogi everyday tank. It looks so cute in the photos!


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