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Fit Review! Yogi Everyday Tank, Mesh Speed Shorts, Flow & Go Crop, In Flux Crop, High Times Pant, Fast Paced Run Visor

I went to the store over the weekend and ended buying the Yogi Everyday Tank and the Fast Paced Run Visor.  It's super sunny over here in Atlanta and my hair is turning blonde in the front.  I originally wanted it in the Fleur Sombre White Silver Fox, but it sold out online before I could see one of these in person.  But I'm happy with mine in Pretty Prism!

Fast Paced Run Visor in Pretty Prism

The fit is perfect, there's an adjustable elastic band in the back, so far it's comfortable but I'm unsure of how to wash this, I think it's spot clean only?    I don't think I can throw this in the washing machine... anyone know?

Next up, I tried on the Yogi Everyday Tank.  I wasn't sure how this would fit so I grabbed this in a size 2 and a 4.  The 2 fit okay, it was definitely tighter and more fitted, but I ultimately went with the size 4 because I liked the looser fit for summer.

Yogi Everyday Tank in Size 2

Yogi Everyday Tank in Size 4

Paired with In Flux Crop

I've already worn the tank and the fabric is super soft.  It's made out of pima cotton but it's very smooth feeling.  The back didn't hump in the size 4.  It only did slightly in the 2.

 Next up I saw the new Mesh Speed Shorts in Bali Breeze.  I tried on the size 2, but they seemed a bit tight so I didn't pick these up.  The color is very cute but I prefer patterns on my shorts.

Mesh Speed Shorts Size 2 Bali Breeze

I also saw the mesh Speed Shorts in black, but I prefer a little color when I'm working out.

Since I love In The Flow Crops, I decided to finally see what the new Flow & Go Crops were like.  I tried on the size 4, and they definitely do not have the same compression as In The Flow Crops.  The fit is more relaxed.  The Flow & Go Crop is definitely longer on me and hit around my shin bone.  I prefer my crops to fall under the knee.  The material is noticeably thicker.  One last note, I have slightly thin calves so they were loose around my calves and around the knee.  I didn't bother trying on the size 2 to see if those fit any better though.  Overall I don't think I would purchase these unless they were on major mark down.

Flow & Go Crop Size 4 in Deep Zinfandel

Baggy around the knees

I am still undecided on the In Flux Crop.  Does anyone have these?  I want to wear these for summer but I don't know if the waist band would make me hot.  Also I've read that the elastic stretches out easily?  I'm sort of bummed I didn't get these in Inkwell.  Can't find them anywhere and the size 2 is sold out online.

In Flux Crop Size 2 in Black

And finally I tried on the Blurry Belle High Times Pant.  I do think these are super cute but I can't see me wearing these out casually, so I passed.  I took my usual size 4.  They were pretty tight going on but they're also luxtreme.  Once I got them on, they felt fine. 

High Times Pant in Blurry Belle Size 4

Hope you guys like my review!


  1. Your review made me to give another try on Yogi everyday tank. I tried a size up(6) and feels perfect. No humpy back. :)
    I got the speedy shorts h20 this week so passing on all bottoms. I really want a spring/summer color but i will wait for another week or so.
    Nice review tho :)

    1. Nice! Glad the tank worked out for you! I actually want the Speed Shorts in the black reflective version... but I'm holding out since it's more expensive. $64. =T

  2. Hi! What store did you find the size 2 mesh speeds at? I've been looking all over for the Bali in a size 2!! ��

    1. This was a couple of weeks ago but they were at Alpharetta, GA located in Avalon. Hope you find them!


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