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Fit Review! Align Crop in Rosewood & Define Jacket Space Dye Camo White Silver Spoon

I went to the store yesterday and got to try on the Align Crops in rosewood.  While I love the fit and the length of the crops, I didn't care for the red orange color of rosewood.  Also the darker seams that stood out near the crotch bothered me.  Maybe a darker color would have worked better, like black or a dark navy.  So I easily passed on these.  However, the fit is exactly the same as the full length version.  Verdict- I will probably get a pair, just waiting for a different color.  I'm trying to stay away from boring black.  

For reference I took my normal size 4 in both the jacket and the bottom.  I'm 4 feet 11.  98 pounds or so.  I haven't weighed myself in a while.

Align Crop Size 4 Rosewood

The darker seams really bothered me!

I'm clearly not wearing the right underwear for these.  Haha.

Love the fit though!

And it looks like Lululemon already updated their website with the new crops this morning.  I guess they're super excited about them and couldn't wait for tomorrow's upload.  As of now they only come in black and rosewood.

Align Crop in Black

Align Crop in Rosewood

I also tried on the Define Jacket in space dye camo.  This is the first time I've ever seen it in stores.  It looks too much like the one I already own that was released last year, so I passed.  

Define Jacket Space Dye Camo White Silver Spoon Size 4

For those who are curious about the one I bought last year, here are the fitting room pics I took then.  It is slightly more gray than white, but I couldn't justify owning both.  

We Are From Space Silver Spoon


  1. I tried the Align crop today too. Love everything about them, just not the color. Rosewood reminds me of an old Korean lady's winter underwear. Sigh.... Im also waiting for the navy blue since I already hemmed in crop length on my Align Pant in black.
    Im still tempted getting a speed shorts in blurry bell. My local store still has them. Since I live in sunshine CA, I need a white shorts anyways. But still I cant decide.

    1. I literally LOL'd at old Korean lady's winter underwear!
      I like the blurry bell speed shorts, but something about them didn't look quite right on me. If it doesn't scream buy me now, I think maybe pass?

  2. Now easy pass. There are so many cuities uploaded today...!!


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