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Australian Upload! April 11th 2016

I'm probably going to get the new FTBW bra in blurry belle.  I'm a sucker for cute prints in that bra, I wear them all the time!  I can pass on the new Cool Racerbacks.  I have too many already.  What do you guys think?

Free To Be Wild Bra in Blurry Belle

Free To Be Wild Bra

Salute The Sun Singlet in Heathered Lilac

True Self Bra in Lilac Wave Twist

True Self Bra

 Wrap It Up Sweater in Heathered Light Gray

Cool Racerback in Deep Zinfandel

Flow Y Bra in Blurry Belle


  1. If we get the DZ CRB, I am definitely buying it!

    1. I wish it came in a heathered version too! That might tempt me more.

  2. I loved blurry bell print when i saw online. I visited the local store yesterday and luckly, they had the shorts in blerry bell so I tried on. It was little off for me. Why does it look so cute on pictures tho???

    1. I agree? I went to the store over the weekend and saw it in person. It was cute but not great. I'll post a photo in a bit!


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