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WMTM And My First Purchase!

I don't usually write about WMTM listings but I thought there were some really good deals today.  So good, I made my first purchase after my ban ended.  I've been eyeing this Daily Practice Jacket in Blooming Pixie Raspberry ever since I saw it on uploaded back in January.  I love the color against the black but the price tag always made me hesitate.  Now it's on final mark down for $69!  Mine!

Daily Practice Jacket in Blooming Pixie Raspberry available in all sizes! for $69

Down For A Run Vest in Berry Rumble Sizes 4,6,8 left! for $99

Wunder Under Pant in Pigment Wind available in 4,6,8,10 for $69

In Flux Crop in Regal Plum available in all sizes!  for $49

These crops are so nice, but I'm unsure about this color.  I don't think it would match too many colored tops.  But for the price, it's not bad.  


  1. Score! Nice purchase. I went to LLL today and nothing called to me. More $ for my bag fund. Lol

    1. Just put that money away and don't think about it. You'll get there in no time!

  2. nice! I have the daily practice in black but was still tempted by the print. off topic, but the lulu price discrepancies are driving me crazy! I live and work by 4 different stores and the prices vary between the stores and online. I've lucked up on some awesome deals, but it makes me hesitate to purchase certain items because I don't want to see them cheaper at a different store. definitely a first world problem, but still annoying. lol.

    1. I hear you. I've noticed that it depends on the store's stock. If they have one or two sizes left of an item they will put it on final sale to get rid of it. And 99% of the time it's a size 2 or a 12. I think my best deals were flow crops for $39 and a swiftly tank for $24! That was an awesome day for me.


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