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USA / Canada Upload! March 8th 2016

Here are my top picks from tonight's upload!  From the US side we have-

Cool Racerback in Static Blossom Multi (want!)

Free To Be Wild Bra in Cyber Stripe White Silver Fox Sea Mist

Swiftly Tech LS Crew in Heathered Regal Plum (pretty but too similar to Heathered Dashing Purple)

 Restore Wrap (online only- bummer!) in Heathered Red Grape

Inspire Tight II in Paradise Geo Regal Plum Multi (would love to try these)

High Times Pant in Hero Blue

Wunder Under Crop III in Kara Blossom (love this print)

Tranquil Tight in Rio Mist 

My favorite might be the any of the items in the new print.  But the Inspire Tight II intrigues me.  I'll go to the store tomorrow and see if I can try any of these items on.  The Restore Wrap is only available online which is sad because I wanted to try this in person.  It looks like it runs really big, so even the size 2 might be too big on me.  

Canada we have- 
Power Y Tank in Static Blossom

High Times Pant in Cyber Red Grape Bordeaux

Is it just me or do these High Times look extremely long on her?  Nothing for me, as I bought something fairly expensive, so I'm done shopping for the rest of the month!  I did add some items to my wish list though!