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USA / Canada Upload! March 15th 2016

From today's upload I am most excited about the Comfy As Sweat Pant! I'll take one of each please!   The Lucent capsule also debuted tonight, but since I already covered that in a previous post I'll skip it.  If you missed it you can check that out here.  

Cool Racerback in Pink Paradise

Daily Practice Jacket in Space Dye Camo Black

Comfy As Sweat Pant in Heathered Black

Comfy As Sweat Pant in Heathered Inkwell

Comfy As Sweat Pant in Heathered Space Dye Gris

Wunder Under Crop III Full On Luxtreme in Rio Mist

Speed Short in Posey Red Grape

Tracker Short III in Rio Nights

Make A Move Short in Kara Blossom Multi

All Day Backpack in Kara Blossom Multi

Our friends in Canada got a super great Scuba!  I'm still crying that we didn't get Alberta Lake.  

Scuba Hoodie III in Rio Sea Mist (LOVE!)

Speed Crop in Pretty Prism

Free To Be Wild Bra in Regal Plum Miss Mosaic

Nothing for me today but I plan on going to the store near me on Thursday.  Hopefully they'll have the Comfy As Sweat Pant for me to try on.  I only see a size 4 through 10 online.  I have a feeling a size 2 in these would fit me.  =(  


  1. Woohoo! Got the Essentials Bag finally!

    1. Nice! Enjoy it! I saw it at the store today and almost bought it myself! Let me know how you like using it.

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  3. I got the essential bag yesterday. Total love.
    I sent myself to the ban island for a month since yesterday and that new all day bag pack is really tempting!!!
    However, if you get a chance to try the comfy as sweaty pants, pleas post!!!

    1. Let me know how you like using the Essentials bag! I did get to try on the Comfy as Sweat Pants. Will write a review tonight!

  4. Love the Essentials Bag. My Free To Be was bursting at the seams and just a tad too small and I found that my Festival Bag had a flaw, in that the way the inside mesh pocket is sewn, some items would get trapped underneath the mesh pocket, so I had to dig out some of the items that I needed.

    The mesh pocket of the Essentials Bag is sewn close to the bottom of the bag so you don't get items shifting around at the bottom of the bag. The Essentials Bag is the perfect size and I can see everything in the bag and I don't have to fish around looking for things.

    It has a good number of pockets along with the regular two zipped pockets. I also just found out that the outside bottom of the bag has a zipper so you can expand the bag! I totally did not realize that it has that feature! I bought it and wore it out and it was raining and the rain just slid off. Love the bag!!!

    1. Thanks for your review! If I go back to the store today I'll check it out again. I also really like the Run All Day Backpack. I just want to wait and get a nice print instead of the basic black.


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