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Lululemon Lab Opens in NYC!

This is probably the most exciting news I've come across in a while for Lululemon.  I've always been a fan of athleisure wear for my everyday wardrobe.  Who wouldn't want to wear comfortable clothing all day, everyday and still look fabulous?  Yes, sometimes the colors and patterns are a bit over the top, but that's also the fun of it.  It's just not appropriate for office settings and going out to dinner.  This is where Lululemon Lab comes in.  Same material and fabric as your active wear, but made into clothes suitable for any New Yorker who loves to wear shades of black.

Shown here- Luxe Turtleneck, Mesh Short, Quilt Short

Shown here, Swing Coat and Bond Leggings

I can tell you I'm already a fan.  Look at the outfit above.  The black trench coat, the skinny cropped pants? I would totally rock that to the office.  Now the question becomes, what is the price point?  Before I get to that, you should know these pieces are limited edition.  How limited?  Only 50 pieces of each item are made.  Which makes these very hard to get.  These items are also only sold at the store and not available online.  

Shown here Sheer Tank, Stitch Pant, The Trench

For the outfit pictured above, the trench coat is being offered at $300 and the tank for $60.  Pants come in at $130.  So yes, it is quite expensive.  I would say my favorites out of this collection is  Swing Coat and the Bond leggings. 

Shown here- Choice Tee, Choice Skirt

I could totally see myself wearing that to an office meeting.  It's simple but I bet the fabric feels divine.  I would love to be able to try some of these items on in person.  However I don't think I'll have the time to do that this visit.  Hopefully the next time I'm in NYC I'll take a trip to a Lululemon Lab.  

Shown here- Thunder Long, Bact Dress

Lululemon Lab does sell active wear made for sweating at the gym, but only a handful of pieces will be available.  I would be curious to see what they offer for active wear only.  

Shown here- Quilt Crew, Bact Dress

Triangle Bra, Curve Pant, Knitt Crew

The outfit above looks like it could be lounge wear.  The collection is definitely a mix of lounge wear, everyday casual pieces and office wear.   

Drape Tee, Drape Pant

What do you guys think?  Are you interested in any of these pieces?

You can check out the full article here.


  1. I love every single piece in this post and wish there was a lab in Chicago. That being said, my closet is filled with black but small changes in fabric, draping or detail makes it different enough for me to buy!! ;)

    1. I know, I wish there was one in Atlanta. I'm so annoyed they just opened one in NYC and I'm moving!!! =(

  2. Now this is something exciting indeed. Love the swing coat. Thanks for posting.


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