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Fit Review!! Daily Practice Jacket Blooming Pixie, Swiftly Long Sleeve Boom Juice, Wunder Under Crop Kara Blossom

I got my Daily Practice Jacket this week in the blooming pixie raspberry print from WMTM.  For $69 I'm very happy with it.  The pattern placement could be slightly better on the front left panel, but overall I love the jacket.  It's the perfect happy spring jacket for me!  And as of right now it's still available in all sizes except 12.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and size 4 in fitted tops and bottoms.

And yes, I did go to a Lululemon store just to get some decent modeling photos for you guys!  People always ask me if I find the jacket too long since I'm quite short, and my answer is no, but I am wearing this jacket with black leggings so it really doesn't look long on me at all.

Daily Practice Jacket in Blooming Pixie Raspberry Size 4

Since I was at the store I might as well see what was new to try on.  I grabbed the Swiftly LS in heathered boom juice.  The color looks ghastly on me.  So easy pass.  I'm always wearing my FTBW bra underneath and it made my nipples look weird!  Sorry about that!  

 Swiftly LS Heathered Boom Juice Size 4

I tried on the Wunder Under Crop in the new print kara blossom which I love.  I'm not a huge fan of Wunder Unders so if I do buy something in this print I would wait for High Times Pant.  The print is super pretty, it looks like a piece of artwork on canvas!  

Wunder Under Crops in Kara Blossom Size 4

Amazing print.


  1. Lovely review and very helpful comments!
    I don't wear printed bottoms, but that new print looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! I do like to wear printed bottoms every so often. I like that they're fun to wear. How are you liking your Celine bag?

  2. Using it every day. Thanks for asking!
    I've decided I don't like bans. Lol!

    1. Do you find the bag heavy?
      And why don't you like bans? hahahaha


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