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Fit Review! Comfy As Sweat Pants! Cool Racerback, Swiftly Racerback, Fresh Mesh Run Crop

I ran to the store today after I saw the huge WMTM upload thinking I might score some goodies on mark down.  So here we go!  As usual I'm a size 4 in fitted tops and bottoms unless noted otherwise.

First thing I tried on was the Swiftly Racerback in heathered lakeside blue.  It's definitely a nice blue, but I feel like there are so many blues out there, this one just kind of falls in the middle.  Definitely not boring, but nothing too special.  Still nice though.  

Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Lakeside Blue Size 4 (wearing it with my Werkshop leggings)

Side note, I was stopped by an Educator about my leggings.  She totally loved them!  

I'm always looking for a great pair of sweat pants, and the store had the Comfy As Sweat Pants in heathered inkwell and heathered black.  Color-wise I didn't see too much of a difference between the two colors, they are very similar.  I did not see the heathered space dyed gris.  I grabbed a pair in inkwell to try on.

I asked if these came in a size 2, but was told size 4 was the smallest they made these in.  Surprisingly enough, the size 4 didn't seem too baggy, which was what I feared.  It probably helped that the color is also very dark.  

Comfy As Sweat Pant in Inkwell Size 4 

The cuff on the bottom is elastic and you can pull them up so they look more like joggers.  There is some extra material around my calves as you can see in the bottom photo.  I blame it on my height, or rather lack of height.

The waistband is nicely thick and very comfortable.  Very smooth and sleek.  The fit is relaxed and casual.  My only complaint is the fabric could be a bit softer.  Do you guys remember Serenity Pants?  Those were sooooo super soft I wanted to live in them.  These feel more stiff because the fabric is thicker.  


I didn't bother using the drawstrings to tie, as that usually makes the waist look lumpy which I don't like, so I usually just tuck them in or leave them as long as they aren't hanging too low.

I'm also wearing the Cool Racerback tank in heathered slate.   I've always wanted to try it on and today I finally did.  The fabric is so soft and smooth.  I like that it's on the thin side, since I will probably be wearing these a lot during the summer months coming up.  

Cool Racerback in Heathered Slate Size 4

Verdict?  They both came home with me!  I think I need to go back on my ban now!  I also saw the Fresh Mesh Run Crop on markdown.  The store had it for $59 but sadly I didn't like it enough to buy.  The fit was fine in my usual size 4 and the length was okay, though they look like regular pants on me even though they're supposed to be crops.  

Fresh Mesh Run Crop in Wind Chill Fatigue Green Size 4

They seemed comfortable, but I'm not sure I like the mesh around the bottom of the ankles.   

That's all for me today, hope you liked my review!


  1. Hey! A commentator on Lulumum said "Not only did those Comfy as Sweat Pants come out last year BUT I bought them on extreme mark down, like $34 or something...."

    I don't remember them being from last year, but I have heard stories of Lululemon bringing out old stuff to sell at the regular price or higher. I wonder now, if this is yet another case of old stock?

    1. Really! I don't recall this coming out last year? It's possible that they changed the name and took new photos of it being modeled. Maybe the commentator has something similar. Pictures would help!

  2. Thx for the review!!
    I worried about length of the Comfy As Sweat Pants and well... Easy pass then.

    I really love the Essentials Bag. Perfect size and easy to use. Only complain is that they all have imperfect pleats on flap when I went to the local store. I could live with that, so I got the least imperfect one. I recently fell for LLL and I cant compare with other bags of them. But as a bag addict, i can tell this is worth buying one compare to the price.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the pleats! If I decide to go for the Kara Blossom one I'll keep an eye out for that.


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