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USA / Canada Upload! February 9th 2016

I think the nicest thing uploaded today is the heathered light gray Done Your Asana Pullover.  Too bad it is online only.  Would really have loved to try this on at the store.  It is on the expensive side but it is made of merino wool.  If anyone orders this, let me know what you think!

Cool Racerback in Dandy Digi Multi

Salute The Sun Singlet II in Heathered Boom Juice

Yogi Racer Back III in 4 Color Space Dye 

Anahatasana Long Sleeve Tee in Heathered Sapphire Blue

Under Wraps Pullover in Heathered Medium Gray

 Done Your Asana Pullover in Heathered Light Gray

Daily Practice Jacket in Hero Blue

Define Jacket in Space Dye Camo White Silver Spoon

Align Pant in Inkwell

Vinyasa Scarf in Hyper Stripe Sea Mist in Hero Blue

Sage Scarf Wool Hero Blue

Sage Scarf Wool in Minty Pink

Free To Be Wild Bra in Capoeira Multi

And over in Canada, they got a new Scuba Hoodie.  I'm still waiting for the Alberta Lake one to hit the US!  A new print Checker Blooms Multi.  

Salute The Sun Singlet II in Heathered Lakeside Blue (lovely color for spring)

All Sport Bra III in Checker Blooms Multi

It's interesting, but not really for me

For The Helluvit Jacket in Hero Blue

This is very pricey.  $298 CAD.  I think I would pass.

And it appears to be reversible as well.  

Scuba Hoodie III in Heathered Red Grape

Pretty but not Alberta Lake!

Run Speed Shorts in Shifted Horizon Red Grape

Not bad...  the stripes look ok on the shorts, but on pants definite no for me.

Did you guys get anything?  Lululemon is making it easy for me on my spending ban so far.  I did buy a new make up powder because my old one is hitting the pan pretty hard.  Does that count?  I guess it's not frugal of me to spend money on make up, but it's so hard to say no when I have a coupon and I would have ordered it anyway as soon as my ban was over in March and then not have the coupon....  


  1. I like the red grape scuba. But I vowed not to buy any more hoodies. I need to dress my age. Lol.
    Buying makeup doesn't count as an indulgence. It's a necessity, right? ;)

    1. LOL I looooooove hoodies though! I think if the hoodie is more fitted it might work? VS overly slouchy?
      I know, at least I didn't buy more nail polish! I have so many of those I need to get rid of some. 19 more days to go!


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