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Fit Review! Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket, Salute The Sun Singlet II, In Flux Crop, Dance Studio Pant, Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket, Align Pant, Athleta Shadow Stripe Chi Tank

It's been pretty hectic around here.  Thursday night my husband and I flew to Atlanta for our closing on a condo.  I'm happy to announce we are new homeowners!  I did manage to visit a Lululemon while we were there.  I tried on a bunch of things and now I've got a few more items added to my wish list.  Once my ban is over I have a feeling I will be purchasing a number of things!  8 more days to go!

As usual I'm a size 4 in fitted tops and tanks.  Jackets and hoodies I'm usually a size 2.  For bottoms I'm usually a size 4 and sometimes a size 2.

First up, the new Swiftly tank in Heathered Lakeside Blue.  I took my normal size 4.  The blue is very nice and vibrant, however I have so many blues in these tanks I think I can pass on it.  

I tried on the Salute the Sun Singlet II in Heathered Boom Juice.  I do like the fit of this tank, but wish it wasn't so long on me.  The Heathered Boom Juice is thinner than the Tiger Space Dye I tried on last week.  Out of the two I think I prefer the Tiger Space Dye.  In this style I fit the size 2, so I can say you can safely size down in this unless you're very hippy.

Salute The Sun Singlet II in Heathered Boom Juice

I've been eyeing the In Flux Crop pretty badly.  I am a huge fan of crops that hit the knee or so and wear them all the time in the spring/summer.  The reviews all say you can size down in these crops and I found that this is true.  The size 2 fit well.  The waist is adjustable and could be rolled down.  If you leave it alone they are high rise, and it did cover my belly button. I'm wondering if that will make me hot in the summer.  The fabric is kind of like track pant material.  It may actually be too hot for me in the summer now that I think about it.  This may be better for spring/fall.  I tried on the black and red grape.  

In Flux Crop in Red Grape Size 2

They do bunch up a bit, but I think that's the style and look for these crops.  Overall, I think they are super cute and comfy.  For $88 I think I will add one to my wish list.  

The black pair also looked great.  I'm leaning towards the red grape though.  What do you guys think?    However, the black would pretty much go with everything.  On the other side, black is just so boring?  I can never decide when there's more than one choice of color!  Lululemon problems.

In Flux Crop in Black Size 2

Shows off my calf muscles nicely too!

By accident I grabbed these Dance Studio Pants.  I mistakenly thought they were the In Flux Crop since they are the same material.  The length is super long on my petite frame, but I think if I got these hemmed to my length they would still work on me.  I also managed to size down in these to a 2 and they fit perfectly in the waist. 

Dance Studio Pant Size 2 Black

The pant leg is on the baggier side but once in a while it's nice to switch things up a bit.  But for $118 I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay full price.  Maybe if they ended up on WMTM?  

And today since the weather was nice, I decided to walk to the local Lululemon near me in Chestnut Hill.  I found the Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket in a size 4 on mark down.  $89 and I still didn't love it enough.  The size 4 is a bit boxy on me, but it felt better than the size 2 I tried on months ago.  If you're in-between sizes, definitely size up.  But then it may be TOO big, which is what happened to me.  

 Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket Heathered Gray Size 4

I also tried on the Align Pant in Raspberry in Size 4.  The color is cute but I think I would prefer Inkwell instead of the reddish pink.  Too bad Inkwell is already sold out online and I can't seem to find it at any stores!  Boo!  I will say that the feel is amazingly comfortable.  For $98 I think they're worth it as long as you get a color you will love wearing all the time.  But I've read a ton of reviews and people complain of pilling.  For that reason I would stick to a darker color.

Align Pant in Raspberry Size 4

For fun I went to Athleta afterwards and tried on this cute Shadow Stripe Chi Tank.  The XXS fit very nicely.  Maybe a smidge too small?  It was slightly too tight near the armpit area.  But it may stretch after a couple of wears, it's so hard to tell since I don't own much in Athleta.  For $44?  Not bad at all.  Maybe after my ban I will give this one a try.  What do you guys think?

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed my reviews!  


  1. Love the black in flux on you! You're tempting me to try them on, though I own so many street to studios that I should really refrain. When I tried it on, I didn't love the cozy cuddle up jacket either. Thanks for the reviews!

    1. So you're telling me to get the black over the red grape? Hopefully the size 2 will still be available after my ban. These seem to be flying off the shelves!

  2. Personally, if I was to only buy one pair, it would be black. From the pics, I think you look better in the black. The red grape looks more casual, whereas the black can be worn casually or even semi-dressy. But ultimately choose what's calling to you! ��

    1. If money fell from the trees I would buy both! I guess I'll just see what's available after my ban is over and go from there. But who knows, I have my eye on a really cute bag for spring.... hahahaha!


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