USA / Canada Upload January 19th 2016

January 19, 2016

Slim pickings I tell yah!  Not much to like in today's upload...  I guess better for my wallet.  Canada however got a much better upload in my opinion.  For Canada's upload I'm most excited for the Base Runner Pants.  I have a pair in black grape and I wear them all the time!

For US-

Swiftly Tech SS in Heathered Raspberry (I may need this)

Tight Stuff Tight in Star Pixel Raspberry

Rain On Train On Jacket in Heathered Black

Canada got- 

Turn Jacket in Alberta Lake (Hope the US gets this) SOLD OUT!

Speed Tight IV Brushed in Bordeaux Drama Star Pixel Raspberry

Speed Tight IV Rulu in Heathered Forage Teal

Base Runner Pant III in Heathered Black (I want these!)

Run Speed Shorts in Blooming Very Light Flare

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