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Review & An Awesome Purchase! Down For A Run Vest, Athleta Vortex Jacket, Transitions Jacket, Downalicious Deluxe Vest

Post holiday sales have been nice to me lately.  I went to the Burlington store and they had HUGE markdowns.  I'm talking 50% off.  I saw the Down For A Run Jacket for $99 in Tender Violet in my size, which was super tempting.  But I passed it up when I saw the Down For A Run Vest in Berry Rumble marked down to $69!  Major score since that is my first pick in choice of color.  So now I'm unsure if I want to keep the Forage Teal Vest I scored on WMTM for $99.  Lululemon problems!

Down For A Run Vest in Berry Rumble Size 4.  $69!!!

I'm wearing it over my Be Present Jacket.  

I went to Athleta and tried on a few pieces.  The one that stood out to me most is the Transitions Jacket.  The fit was true to size.  I'm always a size XXS at Athleta.  The price tag is off putting to say the least especially since it's made out of 100% polyester.  I really did not think it is worth the price at all.  I would cap it at maybe $130.  It's thin and more of a Spring piece.  It is called Transitions after all.  

I've been eyeing the Downalicious Vest for awhile since it went on sale.  But at $118, I think I'm happier with my Down For A Run Vest.  This looked pretty nice over the Transitions Jacket.  If the vest went on further markdown for say $75 I might go for it.  I like the edgy look sometimes.  It's the inner goth in me.  

Downalicious Jacket in Chianti size XXS.

The last piece I tried on is the Vortex Jacket.  This wasn't bad, but I am afraid the fleece parts will not hold up well in the long run.  I like that it has a hood.  The fit was true to size.  But again the price tag is off putting.  $148.  I'll reconsider if it goes on sale.  

Vortex Jacket size XXS.