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Fit Review!! Scuba Hoodie, Hustle in Your Bustle Jacket, Define Jacket, Runderful 1/2 Zip

Sorry for the delay in the post.  Yesterday I met up with some friends before heading back to Boston. It was also raining all day so I did not try any bottoms on as my socks and sneakers were completely soaked through.  I felt I was barefoot walking through a wading pool.  When I got back to my parent's house and took off my sneakers, it was like a soaked sponge.  So gross!

Before we get to the clothes, here are some accessories I saw at the store.

Space Dye Berry Rumble Vinyasa.  Super soft, really tempted to get this, but I already have the Tender Violet one.  Too similar?

This was the fist time I saw these mittens and they are awesome!  But for $48!  

These are the new Vinyasa Scarf in Fleece.  I touched them and they are very thick and stiff.  This is the Simply Lace Play Dark Slate color.  They did not have the Flashback Static Tender Violet color which is the one I'm really wanting.

For fitted tops I'm normally a size 4 and for Scuba Hoodies I'm usually a size 2.

Scuba Hoodie III in Static Mist in Size 2.  This is a totally fun and unique hoodie for Lululemon even though it reminds me a lot of Nike.  I liked the back more than the front because the front kind of pooched out on me.  It's not that noticeable because the pattern camouflages everything.  The texture is not as soft as my Bark Berry Scuba.  It feels a little bit more stiff than I'd like but still I would want to add this to my collection.

This is the new Hustle in Your Bustle Jacket in Space Dye Tender Violet Size 4.  I really LOVE this color and fabric.  I wish they would make a Vinyasa Scarf this color.  But sadly the jacket wasn't very flattering on me.  I'm usually not a fan of peplum styles, but the black one was less noticeable of the two.  

Hustle In Your Bustle Jacket Size 4 in Black.  It's a very streamlined jacket, the sleeves are a little bit loose in the arms.  The jacket is very fitted and if you are taller than me it would probably look very nice.  But because the peplum is right on my butt it flares out  bit, it would look better if the flare was higher up.

Define Jacket in Heathered Slate Size 4.  I love anything heathered and the color gray, so this is a match  made in heaven for me!  The fit is a little long on me but I didn't mind it too much.  It's a great layering piece underneath a coat for the winter.  I also like to run in these.  My only gripe with the latest Define Jacket is the zipper.  The zipper just feels very cheap.  When I pull it up and down, it is not smooth.  You can see the teeth are a lot bigger than the ones on the Hustle In Your Bustle Jacket.  

Notice the teeth on the zipper.  The quality on the Define Jacket feels very cheap compared to the Hustle In Your Bustle Jacket.

Runderful 1/2 Zip in Berry Rumble Size 4

Runderful 1/2 Zip in Heathered Slate Size 4.  I promised I would try on the size 4 next time I went to Lululemon.  The fit was better, not as tight, but the back still felt too long and for $98 I need to love it.  So this is off my list!

I may try and go to the store again this weekend, so we'll see if I can track down other items on my wish list.  


  1. My hustle in your bustle in the same color and i freaking love it! I also noticed unlike other lulu jackets that this one has a "Zipper Garage" which hides the zipper preventing damage to the zipper plus i love how it has inside pockets

  2. Glad you love yours! I wish it looked better on me because I really love the color.

  3. Hi! What are your measurements? I am trying to decide what size to order in the runderful 1/2 zip and I think we may have similar build... I'm 5'2.

  4. Hi there, I'm actually quite short, I'm 4 feet 11 around 98 lbs. I'm a 32A-26-34 hips. Hope that helps! The size 2 was too tight for me in the waist and hip area but I have a short torso. If I was taller it might have been okay! The size 4 was better but I thought it looked too long on me. The size 2 is definitely shorter in length.


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