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Review - Vinyasa Scarf Velour

The new Vinyasa Scarf in Velour is very soft.  The burgundy with the gray looks fantastic.   However I found that it was very restrictive and tight around my neck.  I couldn't really turn my head much.  It may have been because the length is not as long as my other vinyasa scarves, or it could because the material itself is thicker.  So because of that, I did not purchase.  However, I will say it would be super warm for those winter days coming up.

I like that you can make a hood out of it.

I wish it was more comfortable!

I also went to Athleta to try on a jacket which I cannot seem to find on their website.  This is the XS and is a little big on me.  I didn't bother with the XXS because when the jacket is zipped up, the collar was right against my chin, which made it very uncomfortable.