Upload! February 4th 2020 X Robert Geller

February 4, 2020

Tonight's upload features a collaboration with fashion designer Robert Geller. I admit I have never heard of him and do not know much about him at all. A quick search shows he worked with Marc Jacobs at one point. The Robert Geller pieces uploaded tonight are not really my style and I have very little interest in them. They also do not look very petite friendly. There are a few non Robert Geller items that I would be interested in trying. The Cool Racerback Shorter length has my attention. I also like the Sincerely Yours Wrap SweaterDay Maker Full Zip Hoodie looks great in lunar rock. So far nothing that I have to order right away, but I am heading to the store on my birthday! Hopefully I'll get to do some try ons and maybe I'll go home with a little present for myself. 😜

What do you think of tonight's upload? Do any of the Robert Geller pieces interest you?

(This is probably my favorite piece from the collaboration.)

(Now this is very interesting to me. Would love to see if the shorter length is petite friendly.)

(This is a very nice looking green.)

(I actually really like this wrap. Looks very nice for spring.)

(I would like to try this, love the color.)

(I kinda like these, but not for that price! 😑)

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  1. I kinda liked this upload - I'm loving all the grey toned items. If you get a chance to do a try on, I'd love to see a review of the Day Maker Hoodie. It's beautiful in the Lunar Rock color, but I wonder how long those sleeves are going to look in person. Have a fun birthday shopping trip!

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to shopping and I have the Day Maker Hoodie on my list to try. Hopefully the store will have it!

  2. I like the CRB shorter but also wonder if the difference is just the length because otherwise I could hem the regular ones to a custom length? I honestly have never bought a CRB II because I prefer the thicker racerback. Pretty upload! I want to get the Hotty Hot HR in pink. I haven't tried that style.

    1. I would think it's probably just the length but I haven't worn a CRB in ages. The Hotty Hots are a weird fit for me. They're either too big or a smidge too small.

  3. Nothing for me this upload. Enjoy your birthday shopping!

  4. I’m interested in the Align Crop 21" Cross Waist in Diamond Dye Stargaze Pitch Grey and wonder what’s so special about diamond dye. The print is very pretty though.

    Would love a fit review on the Day Maker Hoodie as well. The Lunar Rock color is beautiful.

    Happy shopping tomorrow, and hope you’ll find yourself a nice birthday present! :)

    1. I'll keep an eye out for the Diamond Dye print. I'll let you know if they're soft.

      Thank you! I hope so tooooo! =D


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