Review! Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzle

September 29, 2019

While in Boston, we walked a lot. About 9 miles a day. I was wearing my Allbirds Wool Runners and  we saw an Allbirds store on Newbury Street. It wasn't my first time entering an actual Allbirds store, but it was for my husband. He has always complained about not being able to wear his Allbirds in the rain. Well, what do you know, Allbirds just dropped their new Mizzle Collection. The definition of the word mizzle means light rain; drizzle. 

I finally purchased a pair of Allbirds from an actual brick and mortar. I of course went with the color harvest. The color my husband wanted was sold out in his size, so he ended up ordering a pair online. 

First of all, I have to mention how awesome the staff was at the store. Super friendly and very helpful. Check out how cool their packaging is. There is no need for a shopping bag. At the register, they ring you up and use an extra shoelace to create a handle for you to hold. It's pretty genius. 

How do these compare to the regular wool runners? The sole is thicker to keep your feet out of the rain. The body is also much thicker and substantially stiffer than the regular wool runners. The cost is an extra $20. Are these waterproof? The answer is yes. While I have not actually been in the rain, I did splash a cherry slurpee on my brand new pair of Mizzles on the first day I wore them out. I kid you not! I was horrified but I took a napkin and the cherry red drops wiped right off. It didn't even soak into the wool. I was pretty darn impressed. The tread on the Mizzles are deeper and better for the rain as you can see in the above photo. That should help with the slippery issue the regular wool runners have.

The comfort is top notch. These are actually even more comfy than my three other pairs. The thicker sole adds even more cushion. I love them! They run similar in size to the wool runners, I took my usual size 6. I wear mine with thick socks and the fit is perfect. 

If you're a fan of the wool runners, I would highly recommend the Mizzles. My Allbirds collection is growing and as you can tell I am a big fan of the pink, purples and burgundy colors. These have become my favorite walking shoes.

That's it for me. Hope you all have a great Monday! 


Allbirds just released some new colors that I'm currently lusting over.

(Who doesn't love pink on pink?)

(limited edition purple!)

(I'm 100% positive these would match my new Lululemon Scuba in Night Diver.)

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  1. I love your Allbirds collection and I love purples and mauves. I’ve been tempted to try a pair of Allbirds because of your reviews but they are kind of pricey. Are they durable at all? And do they wear out soon?

    1. The Mizzle collection I think is more durable. But it's an extra $20. The first pair I bought was back in May 2018. I don't wear them everyday, but I think they've held up well. It's the light pink one in my collection. If you wear them everyday, I would think they would last at least a year. But my sneaker collection consist of maybe 6 pairs now and with rotation, I would think they would last me many years. My husband wore his for more than a year almost everyday before he got another pair. Now he has 3! I think they're worth the money. The very first pair he got is definitely worn out now.

    2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Leslie! I’m seriously thinking of getting a pair! :)

  2. How hot are they? I'm worried that while they may be perfect for colder weather, i may overheat on warmer fall afternoons. Are they breathable?

    1. You can actually wear these barefoot. I've machine washed mine in delicate cycle and let them air dry and they came out perfect. If you're wearing socks, I don't see any difference between these and my Nikes. They are thicker than the regular wool runners though. You can always give them a try and return them if they don't work out for you. They have an awesome return policy.

  3. Hey I loved your shoe review! Will you let me know if they run true to size or should I order the next whole size up?

    1. Hi there, I normally wear a size 5.5 in sneakers. I got these in a 6. If you're half size - go up. If you're normally say a whole size, I would stick to it.


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