Review- Dior So Real Sunnies!

May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day! The long weekend is coming to a close and I hope for those of you in the US got to spend some time with your loved ones. For all those we served, I thank each and every one of you!

So, I'm somewhat of a sunglass junkie. Even though I wear glasses 95% of the time, on the weekends when I go out, I like to put my contacts in and throw on some shades. These are hands down my favorite pair of sunglasses ever. These are made by Dior, and have been really popular for a couple of years now.

Quintessential car selfie with seatbelt on

It's hard to find sunglasses that fit my asian face. I say that because my nose is pretty flat and when I smile, the bottom of the sunglasses will almost always hit my cheek bones. It's the worst. These fit my face perfectly with no problems at all. They don't look too big on me, which I have a few that make me look like an alien or bug eyed. Olsen twins anyone? The pair I have are ruthenium/light havana color and all of the different variations are on sale at Nordstrom who is currently doing their semi annual sale! These are super expensive at full price, but for 40% off it's easier to stomach, and so worth it!

Yes, I'm a handbag snob as well!

These are really light weight, and super sturdy. They do not feel flimsy. At 48mm wide I think it's a really good size for almost any face. I also like to flip my sunglasses over my head when I go indoors and these stay put and do not slide off.  I'm really tempted to buy a second pair in pink havana/brown rose mirror. Rose colored lenses really make the world so much nicer to look at. 


Dior So Real 40% off!

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  1. I have to check out those Dior glasses but I must say that I was spellbound by that boy. It looks like it's made of goatskin. Can I ask which season was that boy from?

    1. Hi Alicia! Yes the Boy bag is my one and only Chanel bag. I purchased her in December 2014. She's either a fall 2014 or Spring 2015 bag, I'm not really sure exactly which season she's from. The color is a pearly metallic dark gray and it is made of calfskin.

    2. This makes perfect sense as I find the Chanel bags in 2014 are really well made. The caviar leather and your calf leather is high quality and looks so good!

    3. I would love a caviar bag some day... just so expensive! So you're saying that the quality of the newer Chanel bags have gone down? That's a shame considering how much they cost...

  2. You look so cute with the whole outfit! I ordered the ruthenium and burgundy and will keep one. You are such an enabler :).

    1. Oh nice! Do let me know how you like them and which one you will be keeping!


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